Do you play the 64 Player Games and why?


I’m thinking of scaling back the 64 player game, replacing it with say a 32 player game with a variety of maps that cycle through.

What do you all think?


I do play 64 games. I play them because they are the toughest game and I wanted the badges to round out my collection. I’m fine with a 32 game with different maps.


I play them often, I like that:

-people would have a hard time playing multiple accounts
-I am meeting new players way more often then other games
-All sorts of crazy shit seems to happen in a lot of them (huge shifts of power, unexpected wins and back stabbing galore)

I would like to see a new 64 map as well as 32 games if you are asking :slight_smile:


The only reason I don’t play 64s is because they’re never turn-based and not premium only*. I played once and it was a lot of fun and it made pre-collusion extremely difficult, but 32 could potentially have the same benefit. Maybe you could just try it now temporarily and we’ll see how it is? When the next 64 on the front page fills up, replace the next one with a 32.

*I appreciate they would never fill up otherwise


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback guys. I will try and make some changes in the next few weeks.


Perhaps a rotation? Might be worth seeing how community reaction to 32s.

Personally, I played the game years ago and only now have returned so I’m still catching up on all the changes. So I’m running a private newbies game before heading off to face the vets.


I play almost only 64 games, which are so much fun. Would be sad to see them go.

I like the idea of a 32-players game with a rotation of different maps.
Wouldn’t it divide the number of players doing 64 maps though?


@Fafa_power : the original suggestion by Jay was to replace the 64 map with a few 32 maps on rotation. But just like you I am wondering if it could be feasible to have both running. or maybe put both modes in the same rotation cycle.


The idea is to have games fill up faster.


For context it’s worth quoting the original post from the other thread here.