May/2018 1v1 EPIC Tournament - it's down to the Finals!


That’s fine. Just send a message when you are ready.


Congrats @SuperDave … and sorry to hear @Grunter that Carrier Captain’s mistake cost you the game … I assume he was court-martial’ed and shot! :wink:

@AnnanFay - Since you have “super-powers” and can create games, how about you coordinate directly with @SuperDave and when you guys are ready, create a map that is mutually acceptable. I’m also traveling in August, so this way you guys can just start the Finals when you are ready without involved me. Let me know when you have a game and I’ll add a link on the first post of this thread … which I just updated with the latest results.


When you play NP on the toilet…poop happens! Great game to @SuperDave though. Even without the mistake, winning would have been damned near impossible.


I sent the pilot of that carrier out to one of the @HULK solo stars in the corner of the galaxy where horrible, unspeakable things await in exchange for him letting you finish the game.


Actually, we greeted your Carrier Captain with open arms and treated him well - he said the Jolly Green Giant is a pretty good guy. We decided that next time we play @Grunter, he’ll infiltrate back into your star system and work on my behalf … :wink:


I’m going out of town in a few days, so when @AnnanFay and @SuperDave are ready to start their Final game for the Grand Champion of the Universe(!), I created a couple of games that all look quite playable:
Will send password via PM.


@AnnanFay I’m free to start the final match. I’m not sure which game you liked. I joined up with #3 as I thought it was interesting.


Cool. Sounds good to me. I’ve signed up and will commit later today or tomorrow.


FYI that I’ve updated the first post with link to the Grand Finale Game! :wink: