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Category definition for Triton - Bugs (2)
iOS 10 bug ( 2 ) (26)
Login issues with Google (9)
AI cheats (18)
Minor User Interface Bugs (spelling, grammar, incorrect messages, etc.) (14)
I can trade with dead empires (7)
Long star names wrap unnecessarily (1)
Newbies's cry (9)
Events not in order (3)
Compatibility Problems (11)
Potential money generating loop (9)
AI cheating? (13)
Dead birdies don't sing (5)
Carrier Drop @ Ally's Star (4)
Record of non-reproducable fleet waypoint bug (Discord chat logs) (16)
Incorrect Travel Time Between Stars? (10)
AI repeatedly sending one ship fleets to my star (4)
[Blight] Tutorial UI Alignment (2)
Why can I see the fleet in the upper right with 57 ships? (5)
Purple player is isolated in a disjoint star cluster (7)
Gettings only 6 stars in a game where settings say 7 (2)
If I'm the last player to submit in a turn-based game (4)
Defender captured the star? (3)
Typo on Proteus trade screen (2)
Useless unclickable menu icon in Proteus (3)
I can send a ship to its current destination, wasting a tick (4)
Can't select already selected option on Proteus send money amount dropdown (2)
War declarations in turn based games (3)
Fleets with looping orders are tiny on the map (4)
Proteus espionage report gives a nonsensical message if there's nothing to steal (1)