1 Player needed (Elf / 6 Player)


One spot has just opened up in a 6 Player Elf game. You’re in a tight spot, but you’re among friends! Help us save the day!

See you in game!


I tried to join… Like 10 times . . .
All I get is:
“Error contacting Server.
Please hit reload or try again later.”

Maybe next time?


awww. :frowning:


Yep same here. Just gives Error when trying to join


Maybe it’s a bug… there are now 2 positions open. :frowning:


Sorry, I’ll look at the logs and see If I can see what’s up.


I just joined it and left again. Could not reproduce the error.


There might be a problem filling the last spot.


Thanks for looking into it Jay :slight_smile:


I just joined. Test the last spot?


Ok, so the bug is that, the game always reserves the last spot in a game for the person who created the game, but I just show the default error message. I will fix it to show the correct error message first thing tomorrow.