1 Slot Open


I started a new Monster Mash game (because I haven’t played that map yet) and announced it in Discord first. Now I’m announcing it here to fill the one remaining slot, if anyone is interested:

Maybe there should be a master thread for game invitations like this; similar to the bug thread. It appears each thread has to have a unique name and a few simple ones that I tried were already taken.

EDIT: Someone joined the game, but it’s been over two hours now and they haven’t actually done anything (not even issue a command to their starting army). This slot may free back up in a couple of days. For now though, it is full.


I don’t know that a master thread is the right way to go (seems easy for games to get lost), but I agree something would be great. A separate category maybe, or just a way of tagging threads with [Open Game] or something else that could be easily organized/searched.


What is this wiki post thing I’ve heard about - if one was made would people be able to just keep track of things via that (I’m assuming all players could edit and thus keep it up to date)


Generally posts like this have a very limited lifespan anyway, so if it gets lost after a day, that is probably a good thing. The initial post to announce the game (in a mega-thread) would raise the thread and that particular post to the top of the thread list, so it would be easily found at first. Tagging the thread with “[Open Game]” still leaves us with a lot of now-useless threads laying around the forum (thankfully buried further in the history, but still something you have to get through to find a particular old conversation you are looking for) and still “uses up” the thread names we would use for new posts.

Can we make wikis? That could work. It would even allow the community to clean up the old games that are now full. My only concern is: would edits to the wiki post raise the thread back to the top, or would you need to make a fake post in the thread to draw attention to it anyway?


This is why we need an administrative kick feature.


Coming Soon!


Yeah. I agree with that.