1v1 Friendlies 2021

Yes, it was a really good game. Thought I had the winning hand early on, but you fought back really well! Think my mistake was to go for too many carriers early on. Yes, I’m certainly up for a rematch anytime you feel like it!

I feel like I need some practice before the April/2021 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps starts, so I joined game 5

I have some leftover maps from the 1v1 tournament that anyone is welcome to join.
Note that the password on these are “1v1” … NOT “1vs1”


Ditto! Let’s play

Lol, game 2 was one of the tournament games still active :slight_smile: happy to play it out @gaz123

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Hello all, I am absolutely new but looking to try this 1v1 mode. Waiting in game 1 for any takers.
glhf :slight_smile:

No takers? I promise regular inputs, at least 2 per day and a great eagerness to learn. How quickly can you beat me? :wink:
Password: 1v1

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Challenge accepted!
I’ll try to make my opening moves later today …

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I like this one.

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@FinrodFelagund asked “how quickly can you beat me?” … and the answer is it will take a while … at least in game turns … but we are moving very quickly in real-time.

Barely a day after starting, we are already at Tick #108 … and it’s a spirited battle. I’ve got a lead in stars and made some inroads on the left side of the board, but he is threatening on the right side and has a lead in ships.

He says this is his first 1v1 … but he’s playing like a battle scarred veteran … so watch out for the this “new kid on the block” as he could be a “sleeper” in the 1v1 tournament.

In order to pull this game out, the HULK is going to have get ANGRY … and SMASH!!! :wink:


Haha thanks for the compliment I guess :grin:

Really fun game and a lot to think about every turn, I feel like the beginning, while it can be vastly different in strategies is pretty straight forward and the more we get into the middle of it all, you are pulling ahead with continuously better moves.

I appreciate you taking the time though, it is an honor and truly the very best way to learn :slight_smile:

In the end @HULK SMASH, pretty good on turn 174 and I had to admit defeat. I was outclassed strategically but had a great chance to see a pro in action. Thank you again for the opportunity and I look forward to an eventual rematch. :slight_smile:

Well here I am again, with my tournament match going on, I notice there is still too much to learn to just play one game at a time, as I have noticed the first turn truly needs a lot of good thought, I probably won’t find the time before the weekend to put that in, but very much want to invite anyone willing to put up a little sparring match.
Join me and glhf

I joined your game @FinrodFelagund.

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Tournament shows that I still need to polish up my skills a bit, so a couple of friendly games would be quite nice. Have plenty of time this weekend to make a bunch of turns.

Well @panblanco took an early lead with strictly better decisions on how to tackle the long front line and a continuously strong flow of reinforcements. A quick back and forth struggle for some key planets on my side ensued that I lost within about 72 ticks.
Great practice and learning but also a schooling :smiley: thank you!
Looking forward to the next:
come and join me :slight_smile:

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I’m up for it! Need as much practice as I can get having nearly a100% track record of defeat! :wink: -)

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Great, well as you say, practice can only make us both better :slight_smile:

Good game! Much closer than you described. As @HULK mentioned, you are already playing like a veteran!

I await an opponent in https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6721926912016384 - gotta work on my skills!