1v1 Friendlies

Hi all,

due to a few recent requests I’m opening this new thread for 1v1 friendly games.

For the uninitiated: 1v1s are a fun challenge for new NP2 players and veterans alike. You will face off on an EPIC mirrored map with no experimentation so you have the exact same starting position as your opponent. No diplomacy - instead it’s 100% strategy and game theory. It’s turn-based with only two players, so games can move along quickly - but if you need some more time sometimes, there’s also a very generous turn deadline (48 hours).

This thread should largely work in a self-organizing way: Players with 1v1 creation rights will post map links based on demand and their free time available. You can use this thread to find other players interested in playing 1v1 friendlies and join one of the maps. If nobody is currently waiting, best practice is to find an open map link in the thread, join it and post it in the comments inviting others to join in.

A few ground rules:

  1. Please don’t join more than one map at a time to leave room for others.
  2. The results of these games will not impact your 1v1 ranking/rating.
  3. If there is a drought of maps, be patient - it may take an unspecified amount of time for new ones to be added.

Best regards

I offered @Trucriot to create some maps for the 1v1 Friendlies, so here you go:

Game 1
Game 2
Game 3

Game 4

PW is 1v1.

I think the maps will work out; have some fun out there :wink:

P.S.: I will update the list from time to time!

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Great! I’ve joined game 1 if anyone is interested!

Ooh, this is a great idea, was kinda missing 1v1s after my LLL game ended. Joined the game 1 with @gaz123. Game on!

Ok, lets make it a good game!!

Thank you! I have joined the second game and I await my challenger.

polishes laser rifles

the timer in the game is off, its double, so production say 2 days when the setting states 24 hrs.
jumps/research times are doubled as well. so a jump shows it is 12 ticks but it makes it in 6. i guess i have to do math. :confounded:

Question. is the massage board disabled? or is it me?

That sounds to be strange… can you post some screenshots of the settings?

Does this mean the jump for a 12h normal speed will just need 6 Ticks? Or am I getting that wrong?

Normally, the messages should work just as normal. Are you not able to write a message?

i just hit submit with one day for production but got paid then timer reset to 2 days again. on a 24 hr production.

jump in this image is 1.01 ly will take 8 ticks but in my other game that jump will take 4 ticks

that jump will will only take 4 ticks but the log says it double

I see the problem. Normally it would take you 4h of normal speed to travel this distance… haven‘t seen such a bug before.

@JayKyburz @xjhdexter
Do you have any idea what went wrong in this particular game?

In game 1, @ignaloidas blue vs @gaz123 cyan, each tick is comparable as 60 minutes.

In game 2, @Macomber blue vs @Tanktress cyan, each tick is comparable as 120 minutes.

I am testing some more and may write more about this later.

Joined game 3, up for whoever wants to join :slight_smile:

Just conceded in my game @ignaloidas. He played really well and I learnt a lot! Thanks!

…and being a glutton for punishment, I’ve just joined game 3…

Ah, @gaz123, was a pleasure to play with you. I think you still could have played for a win there, but I’m happy that my crazy gamble paid off nonetheless.

Thanks! It was not a crazy gamble, more a stroke of genius! It took me by surprise and there was no way I could have come back after that. But even without that move I think you would have won - you was pulling ahead of me with ships etc. Look forward to maybe playing against you again at some stage!

Just joined game 3!

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Just finished my game with @Tanktress - they played well and won a well-deserved victory! I took an early lead in stars due to a mass investment in carriers to start, and I had a few early victories in expanding, but @Tanktress relentlessly took the initiative thereafter and kept me on the defensive with good tactical play including a clutch use of a warp gate attack to break open my lines at a key moment.

Thanks for the game @gaz123 was really fun, and quite the bloodbath lol. Should play another one if you’re up for it :slight_smile: