1v1 Friendlies

Correct - sry.

Game#: 5983794778341376

Would be interesting to see some 2 vs 2 - could that work ? 1st place with last place 2nd with 2nd to last and so on.

I suspect you meant to post that in the LLL thread ?

I think this thread is not intended to discuss tournaments, nor rankings.

@suedenim , WOW you took HW Samakah from @RhysOnasi , and liquidated his 20 ECON.

Yep - he could have done the same to me but was a little cautious

Looking at your game vs @BOsshOgg , wondering what happened to @float , when you only seemed to be slightly on the defensive but not defeated ? It seems like a recoverable situation ?

It’s me. I got distracted IRL and struggled to submit a turn even with a 48 hours allowance. We both agree to cut it short at that point.

Just joined game 4 if anyone is interested?

Yup, I’m interested! Just joined the game!

There are still a few maps available that use Weapons 3.
Those maps have been used up.


Here are some new maps that have settings : jump = 6 ticks, 64 stars, HW = far, W4

map 21-75-1
Cagiest win vs crazyboy28935 https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6414717487415296

map 21-75-2
@Generic alias The Undecided won vs @Tanktress

Here are some new maps that have settings : jump = 6 ticks, 64 stars, HW = medium, W4

map 21-75-3
Cagiest win vs crazyboy28935 https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/5554738870091776

map 21-75-4
@Macomber win vs @fluffyt https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6226770892947456

map 21-75-5
@suedenim win vs @Kwhwwymwn https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6033212017737728

map 21-75-6
@limemaster win vs @4c6f6c https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/5422813044015104

If anyone is interested in joining me in any of the above games please let me know!

Joined the last one if someone wants a fight, Nicely played gaz on the last one, you thrashed me

I’ll fight a round!

Thanks, had a bit of luck early on I think!

Is this for those not in a game already ?

Joined map 21-75-5 - WFH makes it a bit easier for me to play :slight_smile:

i joined that game too

i started playing a month ago, and i wanna try myself at 1v1

edit : i’m a noob on the forum too, i wanted to reply to suedenim post, it doesnt seem that it worked so i’m adding this edit to not cause confusion

Hi, I’ve been playing for 1-2 months now but I’m still pretty bad at combat. This concept seems fun and I’d like to play a few games

Good that you’re giving it a shot! Best idea is to choose one of the open map links above and post it saying you’ve joined so others who are up for a game have an easy time starting one with you.

K, I joined map 21-75-6, waiting for an opponent there.