1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 01/2021]

@Trucriot of course. Thank you. I will see who is available for a friendly

I’m up for a bit of friendly practise! I could do with it after my last match…

I’m also interested in a practice round. Maybe there could be a list of people interested in practice rounds that don’t count towards standings - the bullpen 1v1 league, if you will - to have an ongoing informal league within the LLL. Although that would be extra effort in adminstrating for @Trucriot of course

While I don’t really have the capacity to administer an additional league, I’m planning to open another thread for 1v1 friendlies that should be largely self-organizing. Players with 1v1 creation rights will post map links there from time to time and interested players can join them freely when they find a willing opponent.

Hey, thanks, that sounds like a great idea

@Macomber @gaz123 @Zatoc @Slicertos1

Please refer to this 1v1 friendlies thread if you’re (still) looking for 1v1 games (outside of the tournament frame).

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Dude get a 1v1 tournament happening. I dont get the whole meaningless “endless” rounds shit. Get something proper going

What’s stopping you from running one? It’s not like we have too many 1v1 competitions going at the moment.

Actually, August/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament and [2CC] August/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament are in their final games.
The December/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament quarter-finals are not finished yet. So you could say, there are 3 Tournaments still ongoing :upside_down_face:
BTW, the August and December Tournaments have started when the previous ones were just about to get to their final.

IMO, it would not be fair on the remaining players in those tournaments when we would start a next round already. They may not had the time to participate in a new round yet … so, be patient :wink:

If you wanna play some 1v1, then go and play a 1v1 Friendly. I guess it doesn‘t matter whether it‘s a tournament game or not if you just want to play a nice game. But correct me if I‘m wrong.

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If you don‘t like the idea of the 1v1 LLL, you don‘t need to play it :slight_smile:
I think a new EPIC Tournament will come ASAP.

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Dude I can’t even find the link to join whats currently going on. My expertise resides in outrageous complaints

Its just that im missing both a protest trophy and tournament trophy that would complete my badge collection. And neither are on the horizon ;(

Click here for the 1v1 Friendlies. Go to the 2nd post, choose a map to join, wait for your opponent and have a fun 1v1 game :wink:

@DarkDragonwing already said it best, but just to reiterate a few points.

Players are engaging in up to four tournament games in parallel right now, so starting another tournament would be to the detriment of players currently going deep in other ones. The LLL tries to mitigate this issue to some degree by letting all interested players participate in each round.

It’s not meaningless, it’s endless by design. Endless doesn’t mean that you’ll have a constant stream of 1v1 games back to back though, just in a regular interval. If you don’t like it, skip it. It’s a voluntary offer.

Don’t know what the protest trophy is, but there weren’t even any badges handed out yet for 1v1s. However, HULK and I are working on a proposal for Jay. Becoming a tournament champion (one of the badges in discussion) is and should stay somewhat exclusive by ensuring a strong starting field. And this closes the loop to the beginning of this post - many highly ranked players are still busy in multiple 1v1 games, even if that’s not always visible in the forum.

Ditto on most of what @DarkDragonwing and @Trucriot said - will let you guys know about Tournament Badges, but that is a Jay decision.

I’m totally clobbered right now in RL (although the light is at the end of the tunnel) so I’m not starting any 1v1 tournaments any time soon. Yes, at some point when you are down to the last few players, it makes sense to start another one so eliminated players can start again … but you have to balance that with being “fair” to the players still going.

Thank you! Much appreciated

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Sadly, I was slayed by @DarkDragonwing Was a fun game, but he took an early lead, made some nice attacks.and none of my gambles paid off. Well played, was a good game, we’ll have to do it again sometime :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed the game @Cryptious! You played a nice strategy, it was challenging to defend your attacks and I was lucky in some moments to make the right decisions.

I hope we will face again in some future game!

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Just finished my game with @Tanktress. It was a long (in time, not necessarily ticks), gruelling match. I quickly made it to ~30 stars ahead, but we were identical in ships and I couldn’t get ahead. At tick 200 I started climbing in ships, and from there the game eventually turned my way.

Thanks for the game @Tanktress!

Thank you for the lesson. I learned a lot.