1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 01/2021]

I am more of a noob in the forums, dont mind being up against veterans.

At this rate I don’t think I’ll keep him tied up much longer, lol. We flew through some turns, but they were not advantageous for me. I lost a few gambles trying to get a tactical edge. If this evening goes like yesterday, we’ll see how much longer I last.

No need, I follow an opt-in approach with this format for each round. You’re welcome to join again anytime when life lets you, hope everything works out!

Alright, you’re #1 on the sub list then :wink: Stay put and if Ralx doesn’t show up until Sunday you can join the game against BelSon.

thanks :smiley:

All good man just felt a bit bad about the delay. I hadn’t realised it had started until my opponent messaged me in another match. Glad to be apart of it!

Is there a tournament trophy up for grabs?

@Trucriot, throw me on the sub list if there’s still a need for one? I just got pummelled and my tourney play is done, so I’m presently uncommitted.

Just conceded defeat in my game against @SimonMiaou. It was a good game, and Simon was the deserved winner!

Good to hear! Regarding the tournament trophy, this is probably mostly up to Jay, but not sure if the format (“endless”) is the right fit for it. Before considering it, there should probably be ones handed to the winners of the recent KO tournaments created by @HULK.

Only one slot left, but I’ll put you as sub #2 for now then :slight_smile:

GG both, 336 ticks is quite something! Hope to see you guys in the next round again.

Was a really nice game, some nice fights we had.

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am I good to join that game @BelSon?

and do I have to make account to join?

Go ahead - have a good fight! You just need a standard NP2 game account.

Here’s the gamelink in case you can’t find it elsewhere: https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/4648672311377920

is the password 1v1?

never mind got it. :hear_no_evil:

@Slicertos1 or @Slicertos , thanks for the schooling and the advice. Good game!

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That was a pretty fast game from you both! Congrats for the first 1v1 win @Slicertos1 and hope to see you guys tackle the next 1v1 challenge as well.

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Happy to my friend. All underestimate Terra initially. GG

Im.up for another one! Thats the first turn based game I’ve ever completed. Its actually pretty good when its 1v1.

…uhhh, could I get a link xD

Nothing new on now, next LLL round will start when this one wraps up and there’s still three KO tournaments running in parallel. Will make sure you’re pinged when something 1v1 related starts up again.

Seems like @Zatoc and @Macomber quietly finished their game after 426 ticks! GG both and congrats to Zatoc, if you guys want to give a report from the battlefield, feel free :wink:

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