1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 02/2021]

I’m back for round 2!

I’ll hop on as well

How do you generate these maps? If I want to 1v1 my friend how can we replicate this setup?

I‘m in.

Count me in!

Refer to this thread if you want to play with your friend, though I’d encourage you to sign up for the LLL regardless if you’re interested in 1v1s.

To generate mirrored 1v1 maps admin rights from Jay are required.

The Jolly Green Giant will SMASH! :wink:

Last ping to the previous contestants as a reminder: @Dysp @panblanco @Cryptious @Wassupsucker @Slicertos1 @Lord_Davo @Zatoc

You will lose your current spot on the matching ladder if you don’t sign up for this round. However, you can re-enter whenever you like in subsequent rounds, though likely on a lower (calculated) level.

Sign me up. Sorry been really busy with work and wanted to see how it was before confirming I could do it

Lmao I typed a sign up a few days ago and didn’t send it, yes please

Thanks, but I’ll sit this out.

Sign me up.

Sorry for the late reply, sign me up for this if its not too late :slight_smile:

Glad to have you all on board! Had to do some last-minute changes after the late ranking overhaul which affected two games (thanks again to @Dysp for his tool and help), but here’s the pairings for the second round :smiley:

  1. @Trucriot vs @panblanco
  2. @DarkDragonwing vs @Solfyre
  3. @HULK vs @BelSon
  4. @ignaloidas vs @Cryptious
  5. @plug vs @SimonMiaou
  6. @Wassupsucker vs @Zatoc
  7. @Dr_Gaming vs @gaz123
  8. @Macomber vs @Tanktress

Use the according link for your game in the tournament tracker - press the hyperlink symbol to the right of the names:

Password is 1vs1 . Please join your game within a week.

Good luck and have fun everyone!


Thanks for setting it up again @Trucriot !

My pleasure!

Gentle reminder @BelSon and @Zatoc to join your games soon.

I don’t seem to be able to access the np2stats website… tried on two different browsers and got server not responding on both of them. I might need my game link sent directly to me. @HULK would you be able to do that?

Weird, maybe you can send @Dysp some info on what you’re using so he can troubleshoot.

But here’s the game link:

Thanks, joined.

Just finished my game against @gaz123 ,props to him since we went through 252 ticks of in game time in just a couple of days. GG.