1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 02/2021]

Sorry for the late reply, sign me up for this if its not too late :slight_smile:

Glad to have you all on board! Had to do some last-minute changes after the late ranking overhaul which affected two games (thanks again to @Dysp for his tool and help), but here’s the pairings for the second round :smiley:

  1. @Trucriot vs @panblanco
  2. @DarkDragonwing vs @Solfyre
  3. @HULK vs @BelSon
  4. @ignaloidas vs @Cryptious
  5. @plug vs @SimonMiaou
  6. @Wassupsucker vs @Zatoc
  7. @Dr_Gaming vs @gaz123
  8. @Macomber vs @Tanktress

Use the according link for your game in the tournament tracker - press the hyperlink symbol to the right of the names:

Password is 1vs1 . Please join your game within a week.

Good luck and have fun everyone!


Thanks for setting it up again @Trucriot !

My pleasure!

Gentle reminder @BelSon and @Zatoc to join your games soon.

I don’t seem to be able to access the np2stats website… tried on two different browsers and got server not responding on both of them. I might need my game link sent directly to me. @HULK would you be able to do that?

Weird, maybe you can send @Dysp some info on what you’re using so he can troubleshoot.

But here’s the game link:

Thanks, joined.

Just finished my game against @gaz123 ,props to him since we went through 252 ticks of in game time in just a couple of days. GG.

Great game, great performance by Dr_Gaming, and a terrible performance by me!! Best I can say is that I’m learning some painful lessons at the hands of the experts!

Just to let everyone know that we figured this out with BelSon in private chat.

This is propably the 3rd case in 5 years when someone is not able to connect to my site. In all cases the site works from another network and/or over VPN. I have cleared it with my service provider and there is nothing blocking it from my side. There must be some weird routing configuration somewhere in “the internet” and I’m afraid that I can not do much about it. :frowning:

So anyone unfortunate enough to run in to this must eather contact their service provider if there is something to be done on their end or try using VPN / different network.

@SimonMiaou and I have finished our LLL game - an interesting match in which we had very different strategies. I took a risk on making my wide flanks stronger at the start and pushing Range tech, while he snatched the four main central stars at the start and led on TF and Manufacturing. But I managed to get my nose ahead on star count and eventually got the victory.

Nice game, with a good pace as well! Big thanks to you Simon - see you around soon I’m sure.

Was a great game. @plug made the really clever decision of expending and surounding me. The surprise was when he had range and took a significant advantage on the star count.

I won’t underestimate range again :slight_smile:

Really nice game, well played!

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Throwing my name in just in case a spot comes up - found out about these games a little late. Thx

@Tanktress achieved a well-deserved win in our match! It was close for a while in ship count with good back-and-forth raids, but they gradually took a lead - in particular, they took a series of strategic stars in the centre that spelled my doom as I lost them

Thanks for the game. well played

Glad y’all had a fun time playing!

Half of the games are already wrapped up now - @ignaloidas and @Cryptious finished too with the latter being victorious.

I’ll make sure to ping you when the next 1v1 tournament starts, whether that’s gonna be KO or LLL.

I just conceded against @Hulk. It was a difficult battle lasting just over 7 cycles. Hulk took an early star lead and focused their research on scanning, range and terraforming, while I took a ship lead and focused on banking and manufacturing. Unfortunately I was never able to convert my ship lead into a star lead, and I made a few incorrect predictions. But thanks for the game, @Hulk!

It was a much closer game than you might guess from those star charts … and @BelSon launched a BOLD strike against a Warp Gate hidden in my territory … that would have succeeded and tipped the balance considerably … except I was lucky enough to kill it the turn before - whew! :wink:

A fun game with good battling - thanks @BelSon

I have just finished off my game v @Wassupsucker

Unfortunately wassupsucker was elsewhere during the game being busy irl and couldn’t give it the concentration he wanted

I got an early lead and strangled the life out of his stars getting the middle triangles under control

I would like to get in on this next round if there is space!