1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 05/2021]


This was wasnt a torn then i assume? haha… im sat here waiting for the next stage. understood. lol

It is a tournament, but an endless casual one with an opt-in approach for every round. With each victory you’ll get to play on a higher level in the following round - on the highest (Legendary) level you play for the title. More on the fine-print in the OP :wink:

Well played @suedenim. Alas my 2nd 1v1 and 2nd defeat. :disappointed_relieved:

Congrats suedenim and no worries Sneferu. Some initial losses don’t mean much in the long term and often it’s down to some key decisions. Just gotta keep playing and improving :muscle:

my game with is @Wassupsucker is over. with me getting the win?

i would not considered it a victory since he missed most of his turns. life happens

So, do you think there will be a June round?
I’m itching to get back in action

Yes I had several irl obligations to attend to, sorry to keep you waiting

I wouldn’t want to discount your victory just because of some missed turns by your opponent. Many other games have players (myself guiltily included) missing turns too. Did you guys feel like @Wassupsucker’s missed turns turned the game’s direction completely around?

I like the enthusiasm! Two games are still ongoing and there appear to be slight leaders in both, but we should give them more time until they have a clearer outcome.

There were a couple key moments where I wasn’t able to respond but overall it was going his way I believe

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@Zatoc and I finished our game. Fortunately, I was able to pull out a win, but largely due to time restraints on zatocs part he conceded.
It was a close and tactical battle with a small overall lead on my part.
I look forward to an eventual rematch and the next round of the LLL.

I’ve managed to hold off @HULK for a victory in this round. He had a star lead and held key central stars on the map, but I managed a sizable economic advantage from early on. Pairing that with some moves for HULK that didn’t pan out and the fact that he has travel coming up, he graciously conceded. I think he still had fight in him and could have still won this match, but I understand time constraints and playing against a solid opponent where nothing is easy. So, thanks to @HULK for another rousing edition of Solfyre v HULK and lets do it again someday! :slight_smile:

Ooops … I posted earlier about conceding in this other thread.

While I’d love to blame RL for my loss, @Solfyre just plays a level above me … and while I managed to jump out to an early lead, he continued his excellent fighting and took advantage of some poor moves that didn’t work out for me. So shame on me for not focusing more on the game, but if I’m to have any chance of defeating him, I’ll have to keep that up throughout and not relax for a milli-second!

Another well-deserved win as he SMASHES THE HULK!

P.S. And rest assured @Solfyre than when we meet again, I’ll be even more motivated to try to beat 'ya!

I’m assured!

Well, this round wrapped up super quickly! Congrats to all winners, hope all participants had fun and also hope to see everyone again next round with different match-ups.

Special congratulations to @Solfyre who is claiming the title of Legendary 1v1 Player for the first time! It looked like @HULK would be able to break his streak of being undefeated in official 1v1 tournament games with a clear star and ship lead just a few turns ago, but after this turnaround feat the question arises whether he will ever be defeated again at all :wink:

As mentioned, I had an opportunity to break his perfect record, but @Solfyre is really good.

Mark me down for the next LLL tournament (assuming it doesn’t start for at least two weeks) and perhaps we’ll be rematched! :wink:

I’ll probably start the preparations for the next round straight away, but you should still sign up if you can manage to join in two weeks. A rematch is possible, but depends on who signs up :wink:

Count me in or will you open a new thread again?

New thread incoming soon :smile:

Final results of LLL 05/2021

  1. @Solfyre d. @HULK
  2. @panblanco d. @Cryptious
  3. @plug d. @BelSon
  4. @FinrodFelagund d. @Zatoc
  5. @Lex d. @ignaloidas
  6. @LeDazz d. @Dr_Gaming
  7. @Tanktress d. @Wassupsucker
  8. @Macomber d. @PurpleHazing
  9. @iippabella d. @Coenna
  10. @suedenim d. @Sneferu

Sign up here for the next round! (Sign-ups for the concluded round will not carry over to the next one automatically to make sure only active players are considered in the match-ups.)