1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 05/2022]

@MLaZz @OneBlue - added Game 10 for you.

@Necria - congrats on your first 1v1 win!

No worries it was pretty close but I got home an hour before it hit.

My game with Nat20 ended. They won, I ended up conceding because I was in a terrible position.

My opponent has been afk for 48 hours 2 of his last 3 turns. I won’t finish him off in the next turn, but likely the following. What is protocol for when this happens? I can’t imagine having to go through this at the beginning of a match.

If a player misses 6 turns in a row in a turn-based game, they are kicked for inactivity. Unfortunately that means if they are inactive, it can take almost 2 weeks for the game to finish from that point. However, before that happens, you will probably build up a significant lead, and most players will return at some point, even if it is just to concede defeat.

Winning against afk players still counts as a win. Your opponent still lost. It can indeed be an unsatisfying win, but you’ll probably play a more reliable player in the next game.

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Yes, the protocol is that a win is a win. Wouldn’t want people going afk as a tactic to avoid losses. That said, hope all is good with @AliKebab and that he will be back.

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Yes, I too hope all is well. But I certainly understand that life can get in the way of a great game.

Moments ago match between @OneBlue and me finished.
OneBlue kept pace with me even though they had much smaller star count, but in the end I was able to chip away a star or two every turn and secure a win.
Thanks OneBlue for a good match, I enjoyed it very much.

And thanks for you too:)
(or would the correct expression be “And thanks to you too”)?

Looking forward to getting an opportunity for another 1v1 match up.

I just conceded to @spymort. Went away for the weekend, thought I had put in moves, but returned to find out I hadn’t. Normally it wouldn’t be too much of an issue to miss one turn, but in that one turn I missed @spymort upgraded range, and made two launches at my stars that I could have avoided had I been present. Compounded by the fact that I was already behind in everything meant that there was no chance of recovery, and I gave @spymort the win.

Unlucky, shame ended like that. Thanks for the game nonetheless.

Somewhat late in posting. I had a good game against Ligma and I would say he had the edge. Unfortunately, time commitments outside of the game took precedence and he conceded. I took the opportunity to play against the AI, hence the spread in stars.

@Solfyre has successfully defended his LLL title against my challenge after a 390-tick game. I made a weak start and was on the back foot right from the off, but tried my best to make my enemy have to work for the victory. Thanks for the game!

You really did @plug . The game seemed in hand when looking at star count and infrastructure for the past 100 ticks, but you continued to advance down that right flank and play aggressive which forced me into somewhat conservative play.

Thanks for the challenge!

Great plays this round all around, and grats to @Solfyre for defending his title once again.

Results of LLL 05/2022

@Solfyre [US-1] d. @plug [GB-3]
@Lex [CA-10] vs. @Dr_Gaming [RS-5] (91-63)
@spymort [AU-11] d. @BelSon [AU-14]
@MalcolmReynolds [US-21] vs. @Satirael [DK-17] (60-51)
@MLaZz [SI-26] d. @OneBlue [AM]
@Necria d. @drgert
@Nat20 d. @Bio-M6
@BattleBorn d. @AliKebab
@tenerezu [MX] d. @Kir

You can now sign up in the linked thread for the next round. Sign-ups for the concluded round will not carry over automatically to make sure only active players are considered in the match-ups.

(The two ongoing matches can continue still, but the ladder positions will be determined next week.)

I have defeated @Dr_Gaming in our match

It was fun! Thanks for the gg

My match against @Satirael is now complete. It was a a tight battle for the most part, but I was able to capitalize on some weaknesses in my opponent’s defenses in the mid-game to slowly grow the advantage I needed to attack with overwhelming numbers, and we played it out until I reached the victory goal at close to 500 ticks. Good game!

A long and tough battle where I slowly lost my footing in the mid-game, but definitely a fun match, and like all of my matches I believe I’ll be able to take something from this one and apply it to my future matches. Thanks for a well-played game!