1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 06/2021]

Well I’ve got both my game slots taken right now but I might be able to win my 8 player game in a day or two.Not sure if that’s too late.

Ended sooner than I expected,sign me up.

I am brand new but REALLY enjoying the game. I will play if you need me and will have me


I’ll sign up if you still have space! (sorry I’m late)

Also, I want to be pointed in the direction of whoever manages the 1v1 leaderboards…

Whoever manages the 1v1 leaderboards is Trucriot, who is also the organiser of this ongoing tournament…

Yes, it is I :smile:

21 players have signed up - just need one more to make it an even number and ensure everyone gets to play. Will either calculate the pairings tonight or tomorrow, ideally after a volunteer fills in :slight_smile:

i will pass on this round. but, if you need me to even out the matches i can do that for you.

Thanks for being a back-up! Let’s see if anyone else has the courage to sign up until tomorrow when the match-ups will be determined.

Seems like there won’t be any more sign-ups, so thanks to @Tanktress for taking the plunge and ensuring all 11 games are filled in the biggest LLL round yet.

  1. @Solfyre vs @panblanco
  2. @plug vs @HULK
  3. @FinrodFelagund vs @Cryptious
  4. @Lex vs @Karmadrome
  5. @BelSon vs @DarkDragonwing
  6. @Tanktress vs @ignaloidas
  7. @spymort vs @Macomber
  8. @Dr_Gaming vs @iippabella
  9. @suedenim vs @RhysOnasi
  10. @Red_5 vs @Sneferu
  11. @kinghuang vs @gaz123

Use the according link for your game in @Dysp’s tournament tracker - press the hyperlink symbol to the right of the names:

Password is 1vs1 - please join your game within a week.

Good luck and have fun everyone!

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Signed up and ready to go.

Paging @spymort , your space empire is on Line 1

@DarkDragonwing less than two hours left for you to submit your first turn!

Hello sorry I forgot about this haha

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All good :stuck_out_tongue: