1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 06/2021]

@Lex just conceded in our game. It was a tight battle with a great map allowing plenty of skirmishes all over the place.
I managed to break through the front line in the centre, and planted a warp gate which allowed me to keep funneling ships directly into @Lex’s territory. Gradually I managed to gain a good lead in both ships and econ, without making a killer blow but I guess the writing was on the wall…
Thanks for a good game @Lex

Thanks for the fun game @Karmadrome !

I tried a science focused strategy and managed to keep ahead by a tech level on both Manufacturing and Terraforming for most of the game, but the econ sacrifice appeared to be not quite worth it. @Karmadrome’s constant attacking pressure forced me to spend too much on Industry, so that I could not keep up on Econ while keeping the Research lead I wanted.

They also seemed to pulled some magic tactical trick where he took my star and build a warp gate on it all in one turn… was I dreaming or did that really happen?

lol, I took it with about 10 ships to spare with a larger fleet incoming to secure it, and saved plenty of cash to drop the gate (it was 6 ticks to prod). You must’ve missed the change of ownership, but I had enough on the way to prevent any counter (the gate was already built at the other end).
A plan that was some time in the making :wink:

In the meantime, it looks like Suedenim and I are the most ticks in, and its turned into a world war 1 match of staring across the trenches at each other, just waiting for someone to find a way to make a breakthrough.

Another AFK victory for me. Man I am getting good at these.
you veterans best beware. :sunglasses:

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Glad you guys had fun, @Karmadrome and @Lex!

Looks tight indeed, let’s see who is on top in the end :smiley:

Hahaha damn, it must be a threatening aura - a mix of tank and fortress in space can be easily intimidating. Seriously though, hope everything’s fine with @ignaloidas and he’s back again soon. There was one submit in between missed turns if I recall correctly.

@panblanco and I have just finished our game. I took a big gamble early on to secure a central star on his side of the map, hoping to be able to warp ships in and control the flow of game. I got lucky because I won that fight with 3 ships remaining and that move (I think) gave me an edge for the rest of the game that then snowballed into a solid lead.

Thanks @panblanco for the fun game!

Hello everyone,
When’s the eta for the next 1v1 tourney. I’m up for a good competition.

Congrats @Solfyre for defending the title of Legendary 1v1 Player! A bit of luck seems like a necessity at this point to beat @panblanco in full swing :wink:

Good to have you back again. The next KO tournament might start in August or September based on previous intervals. As for the LLL: August or when all games of this round finish, whichever comes first. Most of the open LLL games are still very tight though.

This cycle, on 1v1, Suedenim thoroughly schools me that while Warp Gates might make a key tactical maneuver, they are strategic weak points in a game where 6 hours go by in a single turn. @.@

Slightly ahead after being behind in my start vs Macomber, but he isn’t giving me many chances now…

Yes, I raced out at the start and grabbed some valuable real estate on Spymort’s side of the map. But he fought back effectively and has me playing defensively now with a constant barrage of attacks probing my lines. A grand fleet of 1200 approaches one of my strongholds as we speak…

Good game @Solfyre! Well played! Your move uo the center was definitely what decided it. That and some uncanny guesses on offense and defense :slight_smile:

Well my game against @RhysOnasi came to an end after 384 turns. It was a close game and my aggressive pushes were all rebuffed. It looked like a long stalemate but then Rhys captured and held a planet further in my territory than I was comfortable with. I lost more ships than i liked recovering from that and everything looked precarious across my front so I threw some chaos into the game, and turned into it a naked mud fight between 2 Edward Scissorhands.

A good game and Rhys has added to my collection of white hairs

Aye, I think if I had burned my warp gates in the east after taking Azimech I would have had the advantage, but leaving them open also let you hit my backlines with more ships than I could bring to bear on your core.

Haha, I read that like a TV reality show announcer - not sure if it was the intention. But an important lesson indeed, congrats @suedenim for the win and hope you both will be back next time!

At this point you can just auto enroll me :slight_smile:

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Haha that’s great to read! As per my own experience things can come up that hinder one’s game participation unexpectedly, so signing up yourself is still required - but I’ll pay special attention to reach out in case you miss a start of sign-ups :slight_smile:

After about 500 ticks @HULK has finally overwhelmed me in game 2. It was a privilege to battle against him, and the victory was well-earned.

Thanks for a great game!

That was quite the battle @plug … and “finally overwhelmed” is an understatement, especially since I had a bit of travel in the last several weeks.

BTW, we could easily still be playing this game as @plug made several daring long-range strikes against Warp Gates (some not visible) and I was very lucky to be able to defend most of them … often by a single tick.

But I think it points out some “challenges” with the current 1v1 setup when two capable players square off - the game can go very long … and (at least for me) managing 100+ carriers ends up being a TON of work. I don’t know if there is any “good” solutions to that - just the nature of having a large map and maybe that’s the way it should be.

I’m in one other game against @Karmadrome here where we are in TIck #276. I have the lead in stars … but he’s ahead in infrastructure … and is about to come roaring back as I made stupid move and he’ll (rightfully so) make me pay. This game may also go as long at 500 ticks.