1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 06/2021]

Final results of LLL 06/2021

  1. @Solfyre d. @panblanco
  2. @HULK d. @plug
  3. @FinrodFelagund d. @Cryptious
  4. @Karmadrome d. @Lex
  5. @BelSon d. @DarkDragonwing
  6. @Tanktress d. @ignaloidas
  7. @spymort / @Macomber (draw)
  8. @Dr_Gaming d. @iippabella
  9. @suedenim d. @RhysOnasi
  10. @Sneferu d. @Red_5
  11. @kinghuang d. @gaz123

Sign up in the linked thread for the next round! (Sign-ups for the concluded round will not carry over to the next one automatically to make sure only active players are considered in the match-ups.)