1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 07/2022]

Quite possible, the air is thin at the top :face_in_clouds:

No, I’ll stick with the pass - I’m in two tournaments already and it’s definitely time for others to try and topple @Solfyre in this league over the next few iterations. Good luck everyone!

Sign me up, if there’s a pairing for me.

One more spot open to make it an even 14. We’ll start once it’s filled.

@Trucriot if it helps I can drop out. I’ve got a lot on in Solaris land and I’m due to go on holiday soon

Thanks, but it would be a shame to lose you. Plus, it will be my last tournament for a while, so no issue waiting a bit longer for it to start.

Ahhhhh, I’ve been trying to resist but I can’t! I have a little more time these days. Sign me up.

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Good to have you! Let’s get started then, right before I get too old (lol).

Turns out it’s pretty difficult to generate somewhat playable 1v1 maps with close home star distance (sparse resources are also activated), but here’s the 7 match-ups based on my calculations (countries and Top28 world ranks shown in brackets):

  1. @Solfyre [US-1] vs. @Lex [CA-5]
  2. @spymort [AU-6] vs. @BelSon [AU-11]
  3. @MLaZz [SI-24] vs. @Karmadrome [GB-17]
  4. @Satirael [DK-18] vs. @Necria [GB]
  5. @Macomber [CA-22] vs. @BattleBorn [US]
  6. @tenerezu [MX] vs. @olus2000 [PL]
  7. @Jubblefet vs. @SpaceWolfy

Use the according map link I provided for your game in @Dysp’s tournament tracking tool - press the hyperlink symbol to the right of the names:

Password is 1v1 - please join your game with your forum username this week and post in the forum when the game ends.

New players: Feel free to send me your prefered flag for your future spot in the world rankings.

Good luck and have fun everyone!

Looks fun! I had a quick look at my map and the others… Seems like a big void in the center was the norm. Could create some interesting battles on the two distinct sides. Thanks @Trucriot !

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I’m in, thanks @Trucriot

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I’m in as well

Interesting maps, but seem likely to take a while to play out. Breaking stalemates in maps like these can be quite a challenge, so everyone who manages to, well done!

Yeah, the norm was actually a huge gap through the entire center haha. Those were really the least “voidy” maps I could create after many tries :sweat_smile: Hope it will be enough to avoid stalemates, there’s plenty of time to play them out at least.

Back when I was creating a lot of 1v1 maps, these “center void” maps would be quite common … they are a real PIA. I almost swear the random number generator gets “stuck” … as I’d go through numerous map creations and always see 'em. Then I’d come back the next day and get lucky … but after a couple, it would be back to “center voids” that kept coming up - GRRRRR!

I’ve suggested to Jay some sort of tuneable game creation parameter to “force” a bunch of stars in the center - it would sure make it easier for @Trucriot

How big are these void?
Personally I like these 1v1 map where there is a small void in the middle, with 2 clear front but when you have hyper 2 or 3 you can launch an attack that cross the middle for a surprise effect

My reign of terror has ended. @Lex broke through and took me down to get his revenge from the flying swiss loss.

He made an excellent/bold opening move that caught me enough off guard that he claimed a key central star. He also planned it out perfectly with a well timed range upgrade to be able to warp it from his homestar a control the whole map. I didn’t realize how big of a boo boo I made until it was too late.

Congrats to Lex on a well earned LLL victory and title!

Thanks for the great fun game @Solfyre! I knew I had to swing for the fences to have a chance, lucky for me the opening gamble paid off.

Still gave me a run for my money even with that edge! I never felt safe, I was amazed how much pressure you were able to bring to bear even when I started to pull ahead in ship count.

Nice work @Lex - that’s a famous victory! And looking forward to seeing you seek to regain your crown sometime @Solfyre

Sensational @Lex! Based on my rating system, this is the 2nd biggest underdog win in NP2 history.

Not saying it’s coming completely out of nowhere for me though :stuck_out_tongue:

Well played, I’m sure @Solfyre will be back with a vengeance.

Ha! I distinctly remember that one @Trucriot one of my first ranked games.

Now you have me wondering what the biggest upset ever was :wink: