1v1 NP2 World Rankings

Hi all,

building on the foundation of my 1v1 TB Tournament Ranking, I can now present to you the revamped 1v1 NP2 World Rankings! It incorporates an improved (now daily) rating methodology, shows the Glicko Pi Rating and GXE, and offers a new layout including flags* for the players.

The Top 28 players and seven runner-ups or recent winners are shown in the weekly rankings posted below. Players with less than 18% rating reliability (RD above 287) are excluded (inactive).

My VBA code for the calculations is a modification of the Glicko system (link to Dr. Mark Glickman’s paper).

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Glicko Pi Rating (GPR) = r - π * RD + 600
i.e., the true strength (rating) of a player is higher than the respective value in the ranking table minus 600 with 99.9% certainty based on the system methodology, and every new player starts at 1000 GPR

Each player has two values that determine their Glicko Pi Rating at any point:

  • r
    true strength (rating) predictor
    every new player starts at 1500
    changes when player participates in a game, based on various factors (e.g., RD) and based on other game results if the player is “active” (average r is fixed at 1500)
  • RD
    rating deviation
    every new player starts at 350
    decreases when player is involved in a game, based on various factors
    increases for player each day, up to a maximum of 350 (based on c = π^2)
    forfeited games do not have an effect on RD
    (Rating) Reliability = (350 - RD) / 350

Glicko X-Act Estimate (GXE) = 10000 / (1 + 10^(((1500 - r) * π / sqrt(3 * ln(10)^2 * RD^2 + 2500 * (64 * π^2 + 147 * ln(10)^2)))))) / 10000
i.e., the estimated percentage that a player has of winning a battle against a random opponent (more information here)

Only official tournament games (with pre-determined matchmaking) are considered, friendly games are not. Results are weighted in the calculation:

  • 140% for standard games (LLL and epic tournament series)
  • 100% for 28/7 style games with a clear conclusion (Flying Swiss)
  • 75% for 28/7 style games that hit the time limit without a clear conclusion (Flying Swiss)
  • 70% for forfeited standard games (LLL and epic tournament series)
  • 50% for forfeited 28/7 style games (Flying Swiss)

Let me know if you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions for improvements. Also, feel free to discuss the rankings!

Best regards

*) If you are a former or current NP2 1v1 player and haven’t yet, you can pick any flag from the collection at https://flagicons.lipis.dev/ and send me an according note for it to be shown next to your name. It’s voluntary, but would be highly appreciated!

History of all 1v1 Tournaments (including reference links, numbers in square brackets are ranks as per the start of the tournament)

Start # players EPIC Final End Type
2018/04 8 @SuperDave d. @HULK 2018-05-02 Single Elimination
2018/05 16 @AnnanFay d. @SuperDave [1] 2018-08-21 Single Elimination
2018/06 8 @HULK [3] / @SuperDave [1] 2018-09-19 Single Elimination
2018/08 4 @Karmadrome [12] d. @HULK [3] 2018-09-02 Single Elimination
2018/10 4 @HULK [3] d. @Karmadrome [4] 2018-10-24 Round Robin
2019/01 4 @HULK [3] d. @Karmadrome [4] 2019-04-03 Round Robin
2019/05 8 @HULK [1] d. @Karmadrome [4] 2019-05-31 Single Elimination
2019/07 8 @SuperDave [4] d. @HULK [1] 2019-09-01 Double Elimination
2019/10 6 @HULK [2] d. @bythejatz [16.5] 2019-11-08 Round Robin
2020/04 8 @HULK [2] d. @nick.muzzio [8.5] 2020-10-23 Double Elimination
2020/08 16 @Solfyre d. @HULK [1] 2021-02-28 Single Elimination
2020/12 26 @Trucriot [9.5] d. @Solfyre [9.5] 2021-11-13 Single Elimination
2021/04 24 @Trucriot [4] / @HULK [3] 2022-02-09 Single Elimination
Start # players LLL Legendary Level End
2021/01 16 @Trucriot [6] d. @Dysp [10] 2021-02-16
2021/02 16 @Trucriot [4] d. @panblanco [6] 2021-05-12
2021/05 20 @Solfyre [2] d. @HULK [3] 2021-06-06
2021/06 22 @Solfyre [1] d. @panblanco [5] 2021-08-09
2021/08 18 @Solfyre [1] d. @panblanco [7] 2021-09-22
2021/10 30 @plug [5] d. @spymort [11] 2021-11-08
2021/11 26 @plug [5] / @FinrodFelagund [4] 2022-02-08
2022/01 22 @Solfyre [2] d. @plug [5] 2022-03-02
2022/03 22 @Solfyre [2] d. @Dr_Gaming [8] 2022-04-07
Start # players Flying Swiss Final End
2021/10 16 @plug [6] d. @FinrodFelagund [4] (w/o) 2022-02-09
2022/02 24 tbd

d. = defeated
/ = draw or not decided

Congratulations to the winners of this week: @Dr_Gaming, @kinghuang, @plug, @FinrodFelagund, @HabitableFiction, @Vernitrax, @BelSon, and @DarkDragonwing!


Thanks for all your work on this Rankings Table @Trucriot - nice job.

I’m looking at the 2020/12 KO list, and amazed that you and @Solfyre were ranked [9.5] as it began! A lot has happened in the past year…

Thank you @plug! Indeed there’s a lot going on in 2021 - partially due to more participants and matches!

Year # official 1v1 games # tournaments
2018 38 5
2019 34 4
2020 46 3
2021 (ongoing) 104 8

Maybe also a good time to briefly elaborate on the .5-rankings in the tournament history. These are players with a rating below 18% reliability, so technically unranked at the day of the thread opening. In your example, @Solfyre and I were just about to agree on a draw after nearly 4 months of playing our August tournament game - in that long time period, our RD rose above the threshold of 287. If there was no threshold, we would have been ranking between the 9th and 10th ranked players at that time, thus [9.5].

Congratulations to the winners of this week: @Macomber, @Trucriot, @Sneferu, @gaz123, @FinrodFelagund, @Bruce, @kinghuang, and @Kaine!

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There be so many matches this year compared to last!
Perhaps we could give a team tournament a new go?

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Yeah, I’m now sure there will be more official 1v1 games in 2021 than in all previous years combined.

@TheLastHero set up The Last Team Tournament in The Last Year (3v3) :wink: Maybe he’s down for another, or you can also try your hand at it.

I’m afraid I don’t have time to setup/manage a tourney right now, but I hope the rest of y’all have fun!

Perhaps, but I don’t know how these things work :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, it’s mostly just opening a thread and replying to it from time to time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Congratulations to the winners of this week: @DarkDragonwing, @plug, @Kwhwwymwn, and yours truly.

Updated the tournament history and added additional information (end dates and tournament types).

Congratulations to the winners of this week: @Tanktress, @Vernitrax, @Dr_Gaming, @OinkBark, and @DarkDragonwing!

Congratulations to the winners of this week: @blank1, @Lex, @Dr_Gaming, @wfmcgillicuddy, @Macomber, and @Kwhwwymwn!

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Congratulations to the winners of this week: @iippabella, @Solfyre, @Kaine, @HabitableFiction, @Sly_Lycan, and @Gabrio!

Congratulations to the winner of this week: @FinrodFelagund!

Congratulations to the winners of this week: @sarcophagus and @plug!

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No ranked 1v1 games concluded last week.

Happy new year!

Congratulations to the winners of this week: @wint3ermute, @DarkDragonwing, and @HULK (w/o)!

Year # official 1v1 games # tournaments
2018 38 5
2019 34 4
2020 46 3
2021 139 9

Last year more ranked 1v1 games concluded than in the whole previous history of NP2 combined. Let’s see what happens in 2022.

LOL I’m back up to 3rd place - sorry @FinrodFelagund:wink:

BTW, everything should give @Trucriot a huge tip-of-the-hat for all his work with 1v1’s which is why there is a big jump in the 2021 numbers. Now someone just needs to defeat him in a 1v1! :wink: