1v1 NP2 World Rankings

No worries, the world rankings are backdated to last Saturday as usual, so yes :slight_smile:

Congratulations to the winners of last week: @plug, @sarcophagus (2x), @limemaster, @Lex, @Dr_Gaming, @Solfyre, and @Kaine!

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:eyes: Was not expecting to go up that much in the ranking. Hopefully I can keep it.

Shoot for the stars :wink:

On a side note, I decided to release the rankings on a monthly basis for now.

Congratulations to the winners of the last weeks: @Satirael, @spymort, and @Dr_Gaming!

At the beginning of last month I realized that it’s now been four years since the first EPIC tournament by @HULK, the starting point of ranked 1v1 games. So I decided to have a little fun, exported the 1,461 days of rating data (2018/04/09 to 2022/04/08) I had for each of the 116 players and created a barchart race.

Took me a while to finally edit and upload it, but here’s a quick (1:35min) history of the 1v1 World Rankings :

Let me know if you guys like it and/or have any feedback, then I could publish an update in the future.

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Nice work @Trucriot! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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That‘s some awesome work you have done!

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Congratulations to the winners of May: @Solfyre (3x), @spymort, @Lex, @plug (2x), @HULK, @Necria, and @Dr_Gaming!

Congratulations to the winners of June: @Nat20 (2x), @BelSon, @spymort (2x), @DarkDragonwing, @MLaZz, @BattleBorn, @tenerezu, @plug (2x), @MalcolmReynolds, @Kaine, @sarcophagus, @Lex, @Jewish_Star_Empire, and @Solfyre!

There is a star beside my name. I will cherish this forever.

The star only means you’re new to the ladderboard

I will cherish it forever.

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Two wins from two is a great arrival statement @Nat20! Nicely done

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Haha, very well, I appreciate that. Let me know if you wanna add a flag beside your name too :yum:

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Ha! I’m back on the leaderboard! 43rd place, but still… Even a loss will get me up after half a year of not playing. You can put a Polish flag next to my name this month, I’m pretty sure with my reliability coming back and a win in FS I’ll be appearing in the bottom part of the board again :wink:

Thanks for the flag! Looking forward to your rise, maybe overtaking your compatriot at 28 can be a stretch goal :smiley:

Congratulations to the winners of July: @Satirael (2x), @Dr_Gaming, @Solfyre (4x!), @BelSon (2x), @Kaine, @spymort, @Nat20, @Kwhwwymwn, @Lex (2x), @HULK, @AllSkillNoPants (2x), @tenerezu, @olus2000, @Jewish_Star_Empire, @BattleBorn, and @Bio-M6!

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Congratulations to the winners of August: @Kwhwwymwn (2x), @Nat20, @Solfyre (2x), @MalcolmReynolds, @Jubblefet, @Lex, @BelSon, @plug (3x), @Bio-M6, @BattleBorn, @Satirael, @Karmadrome, @Necria, @Kaine, @Dr_Gaming, and @olus2000!

What are you reporting and to whom?

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