1v1 TB Tournament Ranking

With a slight delay, here’s the ranking from last Sunday. The dominator @Solfyre is back on top (1,780 points) with an 11-point lead and also breaks another “true strength predictor” record:

Player r (Highscore) Month T-Week
1. @Solfyre 2,136 2021/07 88
2. @Trucriot 2,130 2021/07 87

@suedenim rises to 18th place and a career high of 1,116 points with a second 1v1 tournament victory.

are the 1v1’s still going? i want in

Be patient. But there are still no badges to win :wink:

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Next LLL sign-ups start in a few days. Good to see you’ll be back in 1v1s.

I’ve just been getting a bit sloppy with the timely posting of the rankings for personal reasons, but this thread is pretty much a monologue anyways, so no sweat I guess :joy:

@HULK is back at it again and back in the Top3 of the 1v1 Ranking at 1,582 points.

When will @Trucriot and @Solfyre play their championship game for the December 1v1 tourney and decide who is truly King of the Hill?!? :wink:

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Good question @HULK ! @Trucriot had asked for some time to wrap up some other games… But I haven’t heard anything. I have a bit of a game lull at the moment. It would be a good time for me. How about you, @Trucriot ? https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/5233289408020480

…and we could play our April Tournament semifinal at the same time if you’d like @Trucriot - you could be like one of those chess grandmasters who plays several opponents at once! https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/4507354874511360

Uh oh @Trucriot ! You’re busy! :rofl:

Ahaha what an onslaught! I’ll join both games in 14 days when I return home from my travels if you guys don’t mind. They may become my last 1v1 games this year anyways.

As for the game lull: The LLL should hopefully fix that very soon.

As for the simultaneous grandmasters: Other recent respondents in this thread are probably more fitting for that role :stuck_out_tongue:

@Trucriot sounds good! Have fun travelling and don’t stress about the games. They’re only just that, a game.

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@BelSon gets a boost and rises to 14th place and 1,143 points with a victory in both his and his opponent’s 15th 1v1 game. A draw between @Macomber and @spymort (the first draw after Solfyre v Trucriot in the August 2020 tournament) gives both some points due to reliability gains - the former breaks the 1,000 point barrier for the first time in their career.

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@kinghuang’s recent win in the LLL nearly managed to fly under my radar, but here’s the updated ranking now with him jumping to 37th place (782 points) :wink:

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How does the “six recent winners and/or the runner-ups” section work? It might be the language barrier but this explanation alone is not enough for me. How are those people chosen exactly?

And if I’m already asking questions: What do the arrows mean? I presume they are related to ranking or points but I don’t see how. And what’s with the bars? I think they represent a change in points, but across what time?

Thanks for your interest :wink:

Basically, if there is someone who rose in points in the timeframe of comparison but doesn’t make it to the Top28, they get a spot in this 6-people-section - the rest is filled up with runner-ups to the Top28.

The timeframe of comparison currently is 4 tournament weeks - see “T-Week 92 compared to T-Week 88” at the top of the last ranking. The second column is referring to ranking changes in this time period. Arrows mean 2+ rank change. And you’re correct, the bars represent a change in points, relative to the maximum positive and negative change by a player in that period.

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@Dysp and @panblanco’s draw as well as @Sneferu’s fast-paced LLL win last week are now included in the ranking which has the latter player rising to a career high of 1,051 points.

In the busiest tournament week since May, @Solfyre sets a new personal record with his 10th win, solidifying his lead at 1,786 points. @plug is making solid progress too with his 7th victory (1,495 points).

@OinkBark and @olus2000 managed to win their first 1v1 tournament games and directly enter the Top20 with 1,093 points. And after a few losses, @gaz123 is switching back onto the winning lane, gaining 170 points compared to last week!

Looking forward to the next round!

Winning a game in the Legendary Level League, @spymort (1,210 points) is knocking at the door to the Top10 now!