1v6 (with $3,000 cash!) - How quickly can you defeat SIX Robots

Speed Runs to capture 66% of Stars - post your finishes in the thread and I’ll update this.
183 ticks by @HULK on 2023_03_24
200 ticks by @HULK on 2022_10_21
254 ticks by @HULK on 2022_10_11

I recently started this thread where you go 1v6 against the Robots … but thought it might be interesting to start the game with $3,000 in cash … makes for a wilder game.

If you want to try to “set a record”, here’s how to create the game with the modifications to the defaults.

  1. Set a password (so someone doesn’t join)
  2. Change Stars for Victory from 50% to 66%
  3. Change Players from 8 to 7
  4. Change Dark Galaxy to Disabled (since you need to pick the center position)
  5. Change Galaxy Type from Random Hex to Custom
  6. Change Star Scatter from Random Scatter to Twin Rings
  7. Coordinates [[0,0],[-11.99,0],[11.99,0],[-5.995,10.39],[5.995,10.39],[-5.995,-10.39],[5.995,-10.39]]
  8. Change Starting Stars from 6 to 1
    9. Change Starting Cash from $500 to $3,000
  9. Change Game Time from Real Time to Turn Based
  10. Join game and Force Start it

You are allowed to do “anything” - i.e. trade tech/cash with the Robots, create Warp Gates, etc.

It’s a kinda goofy playing against the Robots … but if you want a fast-paced game (with built-out happening quickly due to the $3,000 starting cash), you never have to wait for them to submit! :wink:

Give it a shot and post your results and I’ll update ths speed run results.

Here’s composite screenshots from the end of my 1v6 game that had $3,000 starting cash.

Note that the game doesn’t display the end tick, so I also included the Intel Chart (which FYI is every 6 versus 8 ticks) and the Event Log. I didn’t do Warp Gates - wonder if that might have allowed me to complete slightly faster.

My final stats were 183 Economy, 237 Industry, 108 Science, and 90(!) Carriers. Since I shared tech with the AI’s, we all ended up with five 5’s and two 6’s … except I had Weapons 11 for HULK SMASH! :wink:

LOL that I was ONE star short end at Tick 248 … and snarfed 7 more in the next 6 ticks.

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So I tried this a few more times and got the time to win down to 200 ticks - see maps below.

I think I only got one Weapons hit (late in the game) and at Tick 120, I was only at Weapons Level 5 versus 4 for the AI, but I made some good moves (and the AI made some mistakes) and with a last minute flurry of Warp Gate and Carrier building, I was able to win right at the 200 Tick mark.

In earlier games, I was careful to watch my star count and also paid (a LOT) to stay friendly with the Robots … whereas this time, I just went full-on HULK SMASH … so I became an ENEMY soon … which made it quite “sporty” in the middle as they all came after me.

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This is an interesting idea I have finals rn but might give it a shot after

I’d be curious how this turns out for you and anyone else who gives it a shot.

It was kinda fun since you and whip through the game … although easy to OD on NP! :wink:

I haven’t played in a while, so did a quick HULK SMASH ROBOTS on the 1v6 game.

I was a bit rusty … but in my 3rd try, things went my way (although only one Weapons hit from Experimentation at Tick144) and I finished it in 184 Ticks - actually hit 116 stars at 183. I made a couple of minor mistakes so possible I could have finished in under 180.

Here’s a link to the game that you can view until it rolls off …

Hi Hulk,
Can you give me 5 tries ?
I think I should be able to win at least 2 by tick 1200.


You can try as many times as you like - the AI Robots are always ready to battle! :wink:

FYI to @eplazaguest (and anyone else that asks) that unfortunately I can NOT create a game for you to play.

The reason is because you have to create/own the game … and then do a “Force Start” so that rather than sit there waiting for other players to join, it begins with the AI’s.

So you’ll need to ask Jay for Admin privileges to create games, and then follow my steps.
Another option is if he was able to modify the game creation code so you can specify number and position of robots.

@HULK I read this to mean you were giving $3000 cash to the winner!!?! Now that would be interesting :grin: