2 Accounts, One Person

I am in a game right now, and I feel like two people are the same person. They move in the same styles, have their research synced, and they make their moves at the same time. What makes me more suspicious is that one of them who is winning has 2 victories and the other has 0 but they both have ranked before.

The two of them are steamrolling everyone, as it is a custom game where they easily got ahead by stealing people’s home bases with 30 industry.

Last thing that makes me suspicious is that they betrayed all of their other allies besides each other. They even faked a formal alliance ending to fool everyone. Their actions just seem to coordinated, with ships landing at destinations at the same time or roughly one after another with the 2 victory person landing first and capping the star, and the 0 victory person landing the next tick to reinforce.

Since I am new to this game, I am wondering two things.

A: Do people cheat in Neptune’s Pride? If so is it often?
B: Is there anyway to find out if they are the same person?

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I pissed the one with 2 victories in messages. The next action was their partner declaring war on me, and then they declared war on me the tick after that. I feel that it is suspicious that their partner declared war a tick before they did.

Jay determined that it is impossible to prove cheating in the manner that you have described, which is also written in the Triton Codex FAQ. It is possible for different players to use the same IP address from a library or school.

There have been several forum posts about this issue. Many suggestions and advice from players have usually been to to identify and point out this behavior to other players in the game & build a strong alliance against the common enemy.

Yeah, all the remaining players banded together and we all got crushed. It simply wasn’t possible to beat them with how much of ahead start they got.

Does situations like this in games happen often?

As soon as everyone else was KO’d. They instantly both conceded defeat and ended the game.

What is the game number ?