2 axis mirror maps


Would be really cool for 2vs2 alternating start position games.




I asked Jay about a similar request on Discord. The relevant part of the discussion:

To expand on what I was talking about, and some background. What the game currently does is:

  1. Place home stars.
  2. For each player:
    1. Place a random star.
    2. If mirroring: place copy of star at (-x, -y). Flipping over the x and y axis.
    3. Repeat steps 1 to 2 until stars_per_player - 1 times. (both 1. and 2. increase the star counter)
  3. Remove overlapping stars.

If you generate a mirrored map with an odd number of players you can see some interesting effects. The map will be mirrored with the exception of home stars. Stars will be clustered around home stars and the midpoints between players.

Instead of swapping XY as it does now you can instead assign stars to all positions at once by doing a rotation by 360°/player_count. This means in stage 2.2 instead of creating 2 copies you create 1 copy for every player each positioned relative to the player’s angular position from centre of the map.

You can even expand the idea to hexlayout games. Instead of rotating when copying a star to all players you translate relative to the home star. I’m not sure if it would be popular in hexlayout games, but it would be fun to try.


Sounds good @AnnanFay. When can we try it :wink: