2 Questions - Two different Dwarf Units - Same Ability? & Terrain Types, What Do they Mean?

I have two questions based off of these two cards:

Question 1: They both have the “Mountain Lord” passive: “All units in the army of the King may ignore Mountain movement speed penalties.” Is this intended?

Question 2: What are these alluded to “Terrain Type Penalties”? I always thought roads = fast travel, no roads = slow travel. Does each terrain have different travel times? If so, how does one know what the travel penalties are other than, send a unit to start moving and compare ETA times?

Bonus Questions: Lord of the Mountain seems to have terrain type “(Forest)”… A. What does the terrain type on a card mean? B. If he is the Lord of the Mountain shouldn’t he have a terrain type of (Mountain)?

Bonus Comment: The Alpine Scout is pretty hott. Good work Dwarf genetics!

Bonus Suggestion: The Alpine Scout’s ability would be awesome if it was something like, “All units in Alpine Scout’s army become 4 hours / League by road.” :wink: (But that may be too OP. But ohhh what a fun OP!)

Question 1) Not sure on answer.

Question 2) “Movement” in the game menu help section has more information on Movement.

Plains, Forests, Deserts are 1.5x slower than Roads.

Mountains are 2x slower than Roads.

Flying units ignore all penalties though.

Swimming can cross rivers, lakes and seas but can’t leave swamps.

Bonus 1) The terrain in brackets is simply stating where the unit is. If a unit is on a mountain tile, the text in the bracket will read what the Alpine Scout says. If they are on Forests, it will read what Lord of the Mountain says.

Ah cool,l the terrain they are in, I never put two and two together. Wow! thanks. Maybe a callout : “Currently in : Forest” is needed?

Many thanks.

I think that it would be really useful to have a unit who can increase the movement speed of an army and not just in a given terrain. Being so useful would probably require it do be an activation though.
IE Alpine guard
Forced March
Mana Cost: 4
Recharge: 12h
All units in the Army of Alpine guard move at double speed for 6h.

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The Alpine Scout currently has a duplicate of the Lord of the Mountain’s power. We are yet to assign a power to the Alpine Scout and we’re keen to hear any suggestions for powers! As we are still in Beta, there are a few units that still don’t have unique powers. Let us know of any suggestions for powers that you have for the units that are missing them, thanks!

This reminds me of the cyclops cards. None of them actually have the central eye; they are both (the two I have found so far) normal eyed.

there are Cyclops cards? I’ve only found “Giants” who look like cyclopses… Maybe there is an art mix up?

There is this guy who is called a Giant and his power is Cycloptic Rage.

Oh. Look at that. That’s neat.

I was referring to these:

Oh, those guys! They are supposed to be priests in the temple of the Cyclops. I was confused by that at first too. We could change their names a bit to make it clearer.

Of course, if they were really devout, they would poke out one of their eyes.

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I thought the Cyclops Priest was a giant because at that angle, he looks like he’s as tall as a house. Didn’t realize he was normal old “Human”.

That’s what I thought too. I also figured that cyclops tend to be giants or large creatures, so that was intentional, just that the eyes were messed up. Then when I saw the actual Giant card, I wondered if something was messed up. The Cyclops’s looked like giants but weren’t called that and had two eyes, but the Giant looked like a cyclops.

I had the same impression.

We should probably rename the Giant to Collapse and then we should come up with a cool name for a cycloptic religion and make the priest and priestess a part of it.

Well “Cyclops” literally means “Circle Eye” or “Round-Eye” Could work with that…

Or go with things like Third Eye (Though they only have the third and not first or second.)

Then there’s the All Seeing Eye! So maybe Illuminati refferences. Illuminatium Priests. :wink:

And there’s many writers who wrote about Cyclops types all throughout history… Might make an “Order of " where "” is one of the famous writers… Virgil, Theocritus (That might be good cause of the ‘Theo’ root), Homer, Hesiod, Euripides, Callimachus… etc.

Then there’s Cyclops from the X-Men. lol Summers Priest, Order of Scott, Phoenix Pursuant.

I’m sure you’ll come up with something great!

I like the Illuminati angle!