2020 September 3v3 Tournament

I decided to start a new thread so we can keep this post at the top for reference.

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Thank you again @nick.muzzio for the maps! I agree with @HULK that there’s some serious king-of-the-hill potential on one of the maps! But both maps should be lots of fun, and hopefully we’ll see different strategies prevail on each one. During the championship and bronze matches, maybe we can circle back to discuss which layout we like best.

Since there’s just 4 teams, I used a random generator to determine the bracket. I recorded the process and we’ll just go with my first result, unless someone has a major objection.

Game 1: https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6658131338461184

Team 2 (Blue, Orange, Cyan)


Team 4 (Yellow, Red, Green)


Game 2: https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6373075785089024

Team 3 (Blue, Red, Orange)


Team 1 (Cyan, Green, Yellow)

I’ll leave it up to the teams to decide who wants to sit where, just make sure to stick with your colors. I also recommend using Discord or WhatsApp to stay in touch with your team members. I’ll send a PM to everyone in just a moment with the passwords for the games. Good luck!

Usual rules apply… must FA before start?

Thanks for setting this up!

Sure, we can say everyone needs to FA beforehand. What other rules were you thinking of?

That was it really, I had put teams must be in alternating positions, but then I saw you’d already dealt with that :wink:

Oh and no crashing the FA to gobble up a team mate to take the victory by star count…?

Must FA? What does that mean?

Formally ally

It doesn’t matter if you gobble up a team mate, it’s the first ‘team’ to claim the star count right? ie. doesn’t matter if it’s one person or 3?

Let’s set a limit for what point is acceptable to crash the FA and take ally stars. How about it’s gotta be at least cycle #8, with an ally below 25 stars? I think that prevents abuse but still lets allies keep some of their territory… since it is a team game. These numbers could change, thoughts?

Hmmm, in my experience these things end when one team concedes to the other. Ideally when the winning team will place 1,2,3. But certainly when the losing team concludes that is impossible, Most definitely when one ally faces extinction. For his two allies to do the extinguishing rather defeats the purpose, no?

But I defer to @Karmadrome’s judgement here, he has more experience in this format than me

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@Karmadrome I would be impressed if someone could gobble up a ally with alternating teams!

In all the games like this I have played, it worked exactly as @wfmcgillicuddy said. One team concedes and the other teams can do what they want for 1,2,3 position.

@nick.muzzio I’m sure you’d find a way to win somehow :wink:

@TheLastHero I suggest we just say no to cancelling a FA. That way there can be no abuse.

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@Karmadrome & co, I see you are in game. I have pm’d @bythejatz and @BOsshOgg, have not yet gotten a response

We’d hate for you to default :wink:

Two cents as someone who has played team-based games.

Formal Alliances should be required and stay in force the entire game (or at least until a team has conceded). This is even more important if Weapons are not locked.

Remember you can ABANDON stars to an ally … but the limiting factor on that is one/cycle … and this ends up being helpful at times (independent of optimizing Tech Research)… You won’t be able to do initially (since you are in alternate positions) … but especially in maps such as the one with stars clustered in the center, you should be able to jump a ship over to the other side … which is a REALLY BIG DEAL if Trade Scan is enabled … but that’s a diabolical setting! :wink:

Just trying to be helpful - sounds like a great tournament.


Alright, I’m convinced … let’s keep FA enabled all game long. We’ve got trade scan turned off this time, but it sounds like a fun variant to try in the future.

I’ll text @BOsshOgg to see if he’s still in. And we’re in a game with @bythejatz, maybe he’ll reply there? If not I’d rather try and find you some substitute teammates than default… if possible

@BOsshOgg has joined