2020 September 3v3 Tournament

And we’re off!

@JayKyburz has been quiet, presumabley hes busy polishing the winning teams trophies. FYI I prefer a matt finish on mine, thanks!

I have messaged @bythejatz in game

yep, I’ll jump in now

Grand! Underway!

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Game 1 is done - victory for the Green/Red/Yellow team…

Unfortunately The Last Hero had to pull out, so we called it straight away. Before that it was looking very close…

Just taken a look at the other game - it looks incredibly close on star-count at least. Happy hunting!

Hey folks… really sorry to worry y’all. I’m totally fine. I know it looked bad when I quit the games and my discord/whatsapp was deleted. It’s a long story but the gist is that a week ago I got into a fight with a friend who was staying with me. He was really pissed, and while I was sleeping, got on my computer and quit my games, deleted a whole bunch of sh*t, and destroyed my backups. He’s long gone now, but I did manage to get everything recovered and running again.

Should’ve dropped a note here sooner, I’ve just been so preoccupied with getting my stuff fixed on top of my boss having me work overtime all week.

Disappointed about ruining the 3v3 tourney… it was fixing to be a great fight. Maybe down the road we can give it another shot. Hyped to see the 64p games back though!


Destroying your backups is one thing, but messing with NP is another thing entirely! Glad you’re ok :relieved:


Looks like our game is wrapping up. Is the tourney still continuing on?

So who are we beating next? Oops did I say that… What I meant was who’s losing next? :smiling_imp:

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You’re losing next :wink:

Team 4 will be there

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Ooh fighting talk, I like it!!! Bring it on!

You guys ready for more maps?

I think so. I am, anyway:)

Yep, ready whenever

Bring it!

LastHero, It was so sad to see you leave, it was such a good game!!! I hope we can try again under the same circumstances.

Solfyre, I have played with you, not against you. I am a bit concerned.

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Ha! Well, I’ll take that as a compliment. :stuck_out_tongue: Its funny, playing in these tournaments, knowing that everyone around is good. No easy outs, no weak links! I look forward to pitting my wits against you! I seem to remember you playing 2 good games as well.

Yeah I remember one of those we were all 3 together :smiley:
But we lost that one :see_no_evil:

Looking forward!