2020 September 3v3 Tournament

I’m ready for the next round - just let me know. Although I don’t mind waiting either.

Here ya go guys, I’ll DM you the password.


Looks like Blue, Red, Cyan versus Green, Yellow, Orange. I’ll leave it up to y’all how to divide up the spots. Thank you Jay for giving me the special game create privileges!


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Thanks for this - when do you all want to make a start?

We’re just agreeing map positions.
Okay if take orange, green & yellow?

Fine by me - orange is unlucky I believe! Just in case you had your eye on that Karma…

Always been lucky for me :wink:

Should we wait to see if its OK with the rest of your team? @plug @Keeves @SimonMiaou

Thanks, I am ready!
Waiting for the rest of the team to confirm too

@Solfyre, @panblanco and @Karmadrome have triumphed after a tough battle. We managed to be victorious even though the opposition made an audacious move resulting in @panblanco losing his homeworld.
Thanks to @plug, @SimonMiaou and @Keeves for a great game.

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Hey! You dont have to advertise that! :slight_smile:

It was a great game though.

It really was tremedously fun. I think @Solfyre gets the MVP. Dont get me wrong, @Karmadrone was a nightmare to share a border with, and from what I understand @panblanco was a terror as well, but from tick 1, @Solfyre dominated. I relish the opportunity to crush him in a future match :slight_smile:

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Also… happy to see that all of you or most of you have joined the 1v1 tourney. Hopefully I see you guys there. My first round is against @SimonMiaou.

It’s already getting heated.

Thanks for the kind words @Keeves. I hope we see each other in the 1v1 tournament! :stuck_out_tongue: Give you that opportunity for crushing redemption.

Was a very fun match, that’s for sure.

Considering @Keeves and me are in the first half, and @Solfyre and @Karmadrome are in the second. We will have to work hard to hope for a revenge!

But @plug might see @Karmadrome next game already!

It was a really nice game and I wish we’ll get more 3v3, super interesting! Good job to the winner! I couldn’t do anything against @Solfyre

Sorry @panblanco but it had to be said :stuck_out_tongue:

GG all, now time for some 1v1 fun

Yes, a great game and worthy winners. I did enjoy our move to grab panblanco’s home star, but it wasn’t enough to swing the game.

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That was a good move :wink:

This started in September?!!??! Krikey

And dang, that’s a strong squad @panblanco @Karmadrome @Solfyre

Yeah… you ought to put together your best and contest us :wink: