24 hours is too much


Obviously I refer to the duration of a single turn.
This game has got a lot of potentiality, sincere congratulations, but I think that we could loose a large slice of players that prefer quicker games. It’s so frustrating to wait so much time for one afk player!
So, I propose that for every game the players can choose to set up the duration of a single turn. Perhaps 8, 12 and 24 hours.



When you create a game you can even set 2 minute turns! I hope this game can be one you play while sitting around with friends and finish a whole game in an evening.


Also, with this game player goes AFK (and AI takes over) right after first missed turn. AFAIK that player can then come back whenever he wishes and continues playing. In the meanwhile game can proceed faster. No need to wait 6 full turn as in NP.

Jay, correct me if AFK rules changed from first test game…


Yes, @MLaZz is right. The AI will take over sooner from an player who misses their turn, but the player can still return to start playing again in future turns.

When you create a custom game, you can choose turn limits from 2 mins up to 48 hours. It might be a better balance to choose 12hr turns in these slow games, but spread across all time zones I’ve been finding they mostly progress at 2-3 turns a day, with a set of dedicated players.


Having played NP2 in real and turn based and this I feel i can say that this suffers the most from slow play.

NP2 works in turn based with only a few turns a day. However i feel this game needs more speed. Our group has played a 6 player map and a 2 player one. The 2 player one buzzed along and was at turn 35 within 2 days, whilst the other languished at 6 turns. NP2 is slow because almost immediately its diplomacy time and that takes a while which is cool.

If i may, a couple of suggestions to help this would be:

  1. Email when turnover like NP2. People have been mentioning they don’t know when to come back and don’t want to be checking all day. We do use whatsapp but an email would help.

  2. Some 4 player maps? This would be fantastic and reduce the chances of one guy being away for the day.

Its taking a little bit of time to get to grips with the game, particularly the buccaneers, but i`m really enjoying it!