[2CC] August/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

The August 2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament - now with a Second Chance Cup [2CC]!

As discussed in the main tournament thread, I wanted to offer a second chance for players who missed the sign-up period or were out in the first round - to play and gain further experience in this unique 1v1 setting.

9 participants:
Main-joiners: @Nassau - @Kaine - @Axson - @DarkDragonwing
Late-joiners: @panblanco - @Dysp - @bythejatz - @John14-6

Round 1
G1 The Cloverfield @Axson vs @bythejatz - bythejatz WIN
G2 The Rift @Dysp vs @John14-6 - Dysp WIN
G3 The Quarters @Kaine vs @Nassau - Kaine WIN
G4 The Eyesight @panblanco vs @DarkDragonwing

Round 2
G5 The Peanut @bythejatz vs @Dysp
G6 The Diagonal @Kaine vs W4

G7 W5 vs W6

To ensure round congruency the number of late-joiners was limited to (8 - x) * 2 where x is the number of main-joiners.

Reply until Wednesday (Aug 19) 11PM CET (GMT+2) if you are interested to join.

Although the game is turn-based with a 48h deadline, please make sure you have enough time to keep the game moving along at a steady pace, i.e. at least two submits a day, preferably more (as it’s 1v1, the game will move forward in absence of your opponent after you submit and you can submit your next turn already.

The rules are the same as the main tournament’s ones. For detailed reasoning check @HULK’s thread. Only difference is that I’ll be the “Rule-Meister” (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) in case anything comes up.

Here’s all settings deviating from the default:

  • Stars For Victory: 66%
  • Turn Based: On
  • Tick to Jump Each Turn: 6 Tick Jumps
  • Turn Deadline: 48 Hours
  • Dark Galaxy: Disabled
  • Stars Per Player: 64 Stars, Epic
  • Home Star Distance: Far
  • Starting Stars: 1
  • Starting Credits: $2000
  • Starting Ships Per Star: 100 Ships
  • Starting Economy: 20
  • Starting Industry: 20
  • Starting Science: 4
  • Cost Science: Cheap
  • Cost Experimentation: None
  • Cost Manufacturing: Expensive
  • Cost Banking: Cheap
  • Cost Weapons: None
  • Starting Weapons: Level3

Each map will be mirrored so the two players will have the exact same starting position. Some of these maps may play very differently than others and have weird quirks, but that main point stands :wink:

Looking forward to some good competition!

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I’m in!

I‘m in, too :smile:


yep, count me in please

Yes, I’m in!

New “applications” are now closed.

Awaiting confirmation from @panblanco and @John14-6 until tomorrow, then the tournament plan will be created and map links provided.

Im in. Sorry, thought I’d done this already.

I’m in, replied to the email, but I take it you have to respond here.

Great, that’s everyone then!

@John14-6: I think the email just goes to Jay if anywhere at all unfortunately.

Game links?

Coming soon, am wrapped up in work currently.

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I updated the OP with the tournament plan and the map links for Round 0 and 1.

To keep things consistent, I chose an alphabetic order like @HULK did in the main tournament. As @Dysp and @John14-6 are the unrated players (i.e., no tournament 1v1 game on record since 2018), they have been chosen to fight in Round 0. (It also fits in nicely alphabetically.) The victor will join the others in Round 1.

Passwords will be distributed via forum message. Please make sure you join the correct game! Let me know if there’s any mistakes with the game parameters. Otherwise - have fun and have some good battles on these interesting maps!

@Trucriot. I apologize very much, but I had to exit my game. I took over an hour plotting out my moves. I love NP. But I had to stop playing it as the constant mouse movement caused tendonitis (which became tendonopathy) in my forearm and elbow. I have an ergonomic mouse and everything. Anyways, I’ve been feeling so much better lately I thought great I’ll give it a go again! However, just plotting out the moves to initiate the game made my arm start to tighten up. No matter how much I love the game, I can’t risk the problem happening again. I decided it’s best to drop out now rather than pretend everything is ok and have to do it later. I apologize again. I think it means my NP playing days are over.

@SuperDave. That’s very unfortunate, but health trumps everything and obviously NP2.

Are you sure you have to give up NP2 completely though? I mostly play on mobile and although it’s a bit difficult when building infrastructure geographically (and mapping initial strategies), it generally is a good playing experience and pretty optimized for the mobile browser. I would guess that it’s a much different arm and hand movement in comparison to clicking away on the PC - but I’m no medical expert, just bringing this option up in case you haven’t considered it yet.

Let me know if you want to give it a try, otherwise we’ll shift some games. It would be very sad for the game though to permanently lose such a highly sophisticated player.

@trucriot. Let me try and do a simple 8 player regular game on my tablet for now (as such, if you can shift players around to replace me please do) I’ve tried it before and it had a bad habit of double clicking on me. There is nothing worse than buying 2 sciences on the same planet by mistake! Maybe I can learn to make it work. The mouse just won’t work for me anymore. I can type ok (I bought a very nice split angled keyboard), but too much movement of the mouse is my trigger action obviously. If I can make it work I’ll join in the next tournament. If I can’t, then the worst thing I do is drop out of basic game and I don’t spoil anyone’s tournament in action.

Thank you for understanding :slight_smile:

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If you are using a Microsoft OS, then perhaps you could try the Mouse Keys accessibility feature from the Ease of Access center. I find it can be helpful for me when the mouse is absent. I use the setting of “Use Mouse Keys when Num Lock is OFF”, so I can toggle using the number key pads. I do not know whether this can help your arm problems. Be sure to set fast mouse speeds.

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I’m sorry to hear that @SuperDave. Ive heard you are among the best, if not the best. I don’t think I would have stood much of a chance if you spent over an hour on the opening moves.

I’ve forced myself to only use the mobile becuase I’m rarely on a computer and simply dont have time or access on a regular enough basis. Mobile is handy, but it certainly does decrease the level of play. I am constantly finding commands i issued not going through before the browser refreshes and loses some amount of data. Which is extremely frustrating when you log back in later and your economy dump never went through, or a carrier was never made, etc.

Not to be coldhearted, but do I just advance? Or can we restructure the tournament so I start of against @DarkDragonwing and we just move the Round 0 to Round 1?

@SuperDave - really sorry for NP and especially for you in RL that your tendonitis flared up so quickly and strongly.

@Trucriot - great job getting this tournament going!!!

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