2vs2 Tandem K.O.M battle---who dares to play?


I should be able to squeeze this one in to my schedule :wink:

Although @HULK and @SuperDave are masters of this format… so set expectations accordingly.


@Karmadrome, @EriccaJonquil ----I’m up for it, but it’s up to Hulk. I know his real life schedule has gotten a surprise in the last few days.

If you both enjoy the format of play (which I think you will as it adds a big level of diplomacy and team strategy----at least it did for the two of us), we can always switch teams around among the 4 of us in a rematch.


Who said anything about a rematch…? When me and EJ kick yer butts we’ll be looking for the next victims :wink:


I like your spirit @Karmadrome … especially since we are just starting our 1v1 match … I got the HULK SMASH coming your way in that one! :wink:

Yea, RL is a bit busy right now, but I think we could start it after Labor Day.

Can you review the parameters in the first post and see if those are to your liking?
I would suggest $1,000 starting cash … and would you prefer 6 or 8 tick jumps?


I’d be up for this if there’s any more 2v2 or 3v3 games on the horizon? UK timezone and need a partner!


@HULK After Labor Day is good for me. The parameters look fine, other than starting cash. $1000 should be sufficient with economy and industry 20 to start. I’d prefer 6 tick jumps if that’s good for @Karmadrome and @SuperDave.


I’m happy with all that.


All agreed then on the parameters. As such, the battle shall begin after Labor Day!


Here’s two possibilities for you guys - please check the parameters and note that I have signed up as Green (of course!) so @SuperDave should pick a player NEXT to me - doesn’t matter which one.

Most of the generated maps have big holes in the middle … so what you are seeing there is about as good as I could get after a dozen iterations. I think map #2 is the better one as the outlying stars are within reasonable Hyper range.

If we can agree on a map, we can go ahead and start and if my (or other people’s schedule) get backed up, I can pause the game.

Remember this is SIX ticks/jump … that totally messes with your brain as I’m finding out in my 1v1 versus @Karmadrome … where I’ve made numerous mistakes with my timing.


BTW, it’s too bad there isn’t an option to add a “ghost player” - i.e. a 5 spot that would be centered on the map that would result in populating the middle with stars and encourage battling to the center for the juicy home star! :wink:


I’ve joined, but it’ll be a while until i can submit allowing time for sleep, chatting with EJ and sorting out the turn…


@Karmadrome. It’ll be the same with us. Hulk and I will need time to make devious plans ourselves.

Remember----you have to do a formal alliance initially with your partner to start.


@EriccaJonquil: We are all in this game - https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6400924059959296

Go ahead and sign up which will start it, do the formal alliance with @Karmadrome (@SuperDave and I already did) and take your time plotting your moves as I can pause the game as needed and won’t start it until all players are ready.


@EriccaJonquil are you ready to go early?


Sounds good, I’m in!


I liked the 2v2 game, but I feel a 3vs3 game has a lot more interacting. The 2vs2 was literally two 1vs1’s with I think a total of 3 fights between me and @SuperDave if that. I think a 3vs3 alternating staring positions makes for the best kind of teamwork and fighting. I like that all the players can interact. Anyway msg me up if/when you guys want to do a 3vs3.

Also @Tr0n and I challenged @SuperDave & @HULK to a real time game where we would even pause it at night but they refused. If anyone else has more balls please let me or @Tr0n know. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would definitely be up for a 3v3, but I need to finish up on the 1v1 and 2v2 first.


In my experience, in a 3v3 I could afford to take extended naps while my teammates did the heavy lifting. There is no place to hide in a 2v2


U obviously haven’t played 3vs3 with alternateing team starting positions… @wfmcgillicuddy


@nick.muzzio I’ll play in a 3v3 with alternating team starting positions when/if @Karmadrome and @wfmcgillicuddy are ready. Not sure I’ve ever tried alternating starts.