2vs2 Tandem K.O.M battle---who dares to play?


It’s a good time and brings new meaning to nowhere to hide!


Just an update that @SuperDave and I are having a fun 2v2 game against @Karmadrome and @EriccaJonquil.

LOL that we said we’d start after Labor Day … welllllll … everyone signed up and it’s a bunch of committed submitters, so we are already 66 ticks into the game - that’s pretty close to “real-time” … without the sleep deprivation. And since we are playing SIX tick jumps, that’s 11 turns … so awesome to knock that out in a couple of days rather than 3 weeks!

@SuperDave and myself went carrier-crazy on the first move, so we got the jump on expansion and star count. But @Karmadrome and @EriccaJonquil had more cash to spend, so we’ll see how it plays out. It’s an interesting map in that there are two “strong” positions with juicy stars (myself and @Karmadrome) whereas the other two players ends up with a lot of rocks.

P.S. Starting with $1,000 cash (rather than $2,000) for 2v2 definitely seems better to me as it tones down the craziness and results in more of a chess match … and you really have to think about what you want to spend your galactic credits on.


Definitely building up to be a fun adventure.

We just need @EriccaJonquil to submit to keep us on track :wink:


I’m glad you are enjoying the game so far @Karmadrome. I hope @EriccaJonquil is too. The tweak in the parameters from the last game have definitely made this one more strategy oriented than the one vs Nick & Tr0n.

For others---- as you can see in the link: https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6400924059959296 Hulk and I made going for the edges of the galaxy our #1 priority to start the game. Both of sent a carrier with 29 ships or more to the far edges in the hopes we can stake a claim there first. It’s worked so far, however, it hasn’t given us that much of an edge yet. It’s still wide open. The big thing is going to come down to the size difference in each player. One player on each team will get bigger and bigger while the other player on each team tries to hang in there longer then the other. For Hulk and I, at least, it’s making for some fun strategizing.


Good to hear the changes helped. Does it still feel like two 1vs1s or is there some cross attacks going on?


@nick.muzzio…it’s still early for that. Right now the battlefield is Nick vs Me and Hulk vs EJ as the empty planets haven’t even been fully explored yet. In time, when Karma and Hulk become the the dominate players in the galaxy, the battle should go between the two of them also.

As far as how it feels (i.e. just two players doing 1vs1 by themselves)…I’m not sure how you and Tr0n played the game (or how Karma and EJ are), but HULK and I play as a team in strategy. In both games so far we have divided up the galaxy in 1/3rds and discuss plans for each section. We actually don’t play independent at all. Ex. In this game there is a definite game plan for me and one for him that was figured out early by both of us. It’s why I like the format even more than 1vs1 games because it truly does feel like a team effort.


@SuperDave I still reckon you employed some strange space voodoo to get to the west edge that quickly! I’m watching you fella… :eyes:

@nick.muzzio I reckon a 3v3v3v3 would be cool…


@Karmadrome…Hulk and I figured you were surprised when I popped up on your planet (Mt Hulk) before you! We were chuckling because we had scanner 2 and could see it playing out while with you just having scanner 1 were blind to it.




You mean Karmadrome.


FYI @nick.muzzio that @SuperDave and I made a number of “team” plays in our game against you guys and you would have seen more of that if I hadn’t taken out your Warp Gates and ended it early.

Also an FYI that I asked Jay about looking for ways to populate the center with a bit more stars as this will encourage more across-the-middle/all-player action. He said he’ll look into it.

3v3 (with alternate starting positions) would truly be wild … but it would be a challenge to get six players who are truly committed to submitting and keeping the game going - even more so with 6-tick jumps.

P.S. Let me tell you @Karmadrome, it was glorious seeing your carriers en-route to their demise … but you having no idea it was going to happen! :wink:

Double LOL was I actually goofed and was supposed to be working on Banking … but didn’t realize until a few turns I had left it at Scan. This was a rare example when a bonehead move on my part paid off … karma payback for my buffoonery on allowing you to take my warp gate in our 1v1 … :wink:


FYI that I’ve done a 3v3 alternate starting positions against ONE player - we both used secondary accounts.

This was pretty wild … but once the game gets going, mapping out your moves really becomes onerous - recall you had first-hand experience with that @nick.muzzio. Maybe a small galaxy would be appropriate for that format.


Hey @SuperDave, I realised I never answered your earlier comment about the two 1vs1 feeling I get.

You had said:
“We actually don’t play independent at all. Ex. In this game there is a definite game plan for me and one for him that was figured out early by both of us. It’s why I like the format even more than 1vs1 games because it truly does feel like a team effort.”

I agree, I like the coordination of playing both accounts. But I think you are missing the point I am trying to make about two 1vs1. The thing I like about alternating start locations (too bad we couldn’t have a mirror map on both axis to do it for 2vs2) is that now you have so many more options for strategy. You can devote 2vs1 and try to hold the other side etc. It feels so much more dynamic and exciting, instead of the crawl up and fight 1 star at a time (which is inherent with 1vs1 games). It feels more like a tournament format and usually there is a clear winner rapidly so games end quickly but still feel fun. Anyway, hope that makes sense. I would be into doing another turn game with the new format you are currently playing as well (6 hour jumps, less cash). I am currently playing a 3vs3 game which is already quite exciting. After allying with 1k, we were so broke though. lol



@nick.muzzio…I understand what you are saying. It opens up a whole new dimension of battle and deceit. I’d be up for it if there 6 players willing to commit to moves regularly in a turn-based game. I don’t want to get into a 1 move per 40-48 hour situation though if someone loses interest or is super busy in real life.


@SuperDave I’m in, but I think it’s time for us to be on the same team :smile:


I think so too @Karmadrome. Did you notice how THE WALL fell on you in our current game? :slight_smile:


Yeah, you need to have a word that builder of yours. Did you see how a lot of it disintegrated when it landed?


The battle of Hulk + SuperDave vs KarmaDrome + EriccaJonquil has concluded. It was an interesting galaxy set up with different strategies employed. In the end, Hulk and I were the victors!

The new parameters of 6 hour moves and $1000 starting cash slowed the game down well. It’d be nice to find a way to get more cross diagonal battling going with perhaps additional stars in the middle.

If there is another duo out there ready to take on the challenge of dethroning Hulk and I, then step up, strap on your armor, sharpen your strategy knives and “Let’s get ready to rumble!!!”