3 v 3 v 3 v 3 Team Challenge 1

We would like to find 3 more teams for this new turn-based game. Teams are premade, so you can trust at least 2 people to death! The game settings are described below. We tried the same settings on a public game. Unfortunately, some of the new players went afk so we couldn’t enjoy it much. This is why we would like to find players from the forum this time. Please let me know if you want to join this game and I’ll share the password with you. If you already have a premade team that would be superb!

Formal Alliances Enabled
Dark Galaxy Enabled
Starting Cash $1000
Cheap Trade
Scan 3
Hyper 2
Turn Based
Max Turn Wait 12h
Other settings are default.

Team 1
Tushoq, Couchpotato, ADudeNamedMurat

Team 2
Teameo, Munkey, Jubblefet

Team 3
GordonsAlive, Tenerezu, Lachlan

Team 4

Password: tushoqnp1

We need 4 more players. Then we will set up the teams. Come and join us!

We already set up 3 teams. We need 3 more players, please join the game using the link and password below.

Password: tushoqnp1

Only 2 spots left!