3 way battle with 2 in a formal alliance

I just had a situation in my game where my carrier and the carrier of a player who I have an alliance with collided at an enemy star at the same tick. Looks like the combat had our ships fighting each other which shouldn’t happen.

Maybe all ships should be transferred to the ally who traveled the shortest distance to reach the star before combat starts?

We’ve argued for this over and over for a long time, but haven’t made any progress.

I think this is a feature, not a bug. It adds a necessity for the allies to communicate where they are going to attack. If they do communicate, and they need to join forces, one of them can just set the carrier to arrive one tick later.

Anyway, if this ever be changed, I think the ships (and the star system) should be transferred to the player who arrived with more ships.

A question just came to my mind: what happens when one of the allies is the owner of the system?

If you own a star, and your ally and enemy arrive at the same time, the ships from your ally do transfer to you before the battle. The problem is only when you and your ally are attacking a star at the same time.

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