3v3 Team Tower Tournament Edition 2!

G’day and welcome all to the second edition of the ongoing Team Tower Tournament! This will consist of a number of team games, similar to @Trucriot’s 1v1 Legendary Level League. You can see the first edition thread at Ranked 2v2 games Edition 1 Thread. And now, let us welcome in edition 2!

If you are interested in participating in this edition of the tournament, please reply and let me know in the thread below. Sign-ups are open until the 30th of September (AEST), and I will create the games in the first few days of October.

Games will be played on a 6-player mirrored galaxy with random star scatter. Teams will alternate start positions, so every player has two enemy neighbours. Formal alliances (FA) are allowed and required; players must formally ally with all team mates at the start of the game and must not break the FA until the enemy team has conceded.


Back in August of 2020, @BOsshOgg suggested to the forums that there should be some kind of team tournament. @TheLastHero ran with this idea and created a 4 team 3v3 tournament that September, with @Solfyre, @panblanco and @Karmadrome coming out on top. Then in November of 2021, @spymort created a thread trying to generate interest for another team tournament. I figured I’d jump in and help out, and created edition one of the Team Tower Tournament in April 2022. And now, here we are!


Game Settings

  • Stars for Victory: 50%
  • Formal Alliances: Enabled

Special Galaxy Settings

  • Warpgate Cost: Cheap
  • Random Gates: None
  • Dark Galaxy: Disabled

Galaxy Settings

  • Mirrored Stars: True
  • Stars per Player: 32
  • Starting Distance: Medium
  • Resources: Plentiful
  • Production Ticks: 24

Player Settings

  • Starting Stars: 1
  • Starting Cash: $1500
  • Starting Ships: 100
  • Starting Infrastructure: 10/10/2
  • Development Cost: Standard/Standard/Cheap
  • Trade Cost: Standard ($15/level)
  • Trade Scanning: TBD

Technology Settings

  • Terraforming: level 1, 144 points/level
  • Experimentation: Disabled
  • Scanning: level 1, 144 points/level
  • Hyperspace range: level 1, 144 points/level
  • Manufacturing: level 1, 216 points/level
  • Banking: level 1, 72 points/level
  • Weapons: level 4, Research Disabled

Game Time Settings

  • Turn Based
  • Turn Jumps: 6 ticks
  • Turn Deadline: 48 hours
Match-making Method

In order to maximise the quality of the matches, players will be sorted by estimated skill, and then put into groups of six players. In each group of six players, players ranked 1, 4 and 6 will be put onto one team, and players ranked 2, 3 and 5 will be put onto the other.

Estimated skill will be decided first by the player’s rating on @Trucriot’s 1v1 NP2 World Rankings. If a signed-up player does not have a 1v1 rating but has played an official (i.e. forum) team game in the past, they will be ranked first by the number of team games won, and second by the number of team games played. Finally, if a player does not have a 1v1 rating nor has played any team games, they will be placed at the bottom of the estimated skill list in order of sign-ups.

Players Signed Up (20)

Game 1:
Neptune's Pride
@plug + @BelSon + @Satirael (Blue + Red + Yellow)
@Lex + @spymort + @panblanco (Cyan + Green + Orange)

Game 2:
Neptune's Pride
@Kwhwwymwn + @olus2000 + @AStonedApe (Blue + Green + Red)
@limemaster + @Macomber + @Jubblefet (Cyan + Orange + Yellow) [Winners!]

Game 3:
Neptune's Pride
@tenerezu + @Bewildered_Baker + @JochCool (Blue + Red + Orange)
@gaz123 + @Lorentz + @Nassau (Cyan + Yellow + Green)

I am uncertain whether we should play with Trade Scanned enabled or disabled. In the 2v2 edition, it didn’t matter because team mates were beside each other. But in the 3v3 editions, it does matter, since for a while players will be separated from their allies, and will have to create some kind of pathway to connect. Having trade scanned disabled will allow allies to trade from the beginning, but having it enabled will force players and teams to research techs more strategically, increase the importance of scanning and/or range, but may increase the tedium and reduce the feeling of team play. So, what do you all think about this?

How should players trade technologies?
  • Trade Scanned Enabled
  • Trade Scanned Disabled

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Pinging all players who participated in the first edition of the team tower tournament, edition 2 is now here!
@plug @BelSon @Solfyre @Macomber @limemaster @iippabella @Lex @spymort @sarcophagus @Kwhwwymwn @gaz123 @Satirael

And pinging those who didn’t participate but showed interest in the next edition:
@jafdevera004 @AStonedApe @Kaine @Skilly146 @MalcolmReynolds

I sign up! :smiley:

Sign me up!

And I am not sure about the trade scanned.

I like the idea of creating difficulty by making allies carve paths to each other to trade. Imagine the fun of intentionally working to cut off the connection between two enemies so they can’t trade or have to stop trading. It’d add another component to gameplay.

On the other hand, the game would move more quickly if you could trade easily and there’d be more of a focus on pure warfare.

I’ll come down on the side of enabling trade scanned for the challenge of it but really either option will be fun.

Sign me up!

I’d like to sing up as well. Had a bunch of fun in the 2v2 so looking forward to this one!

Sign me up

I’m in

Sign me up!

Count me in!

yea ill be down, it would be interesting either way. if we have enough people, why dont we have both option and test which works?

About the trade scanned, i remember that in the 2v2 map, between the center stars separating the symmetrically opposed players, there was a gap needing hr 2 or 3 to be crossed,
So if trade scanned is enabled, we’d need to push a lot inside the enemy territory to be able to trade, and those who manage to do it first will have a huge advantage

I think it’ll be best to disable that setting

Sign me up!

Please sign me up - looking forward to it

Sign me up! I’m voting no fpr trade scan because I’m scared I can’t take the additional tactics required :stuck_out_tongue:

Please sign me up

Interest is flying along with 13 players signed up already, enough to fill two games! Let’s see if we can make it to at least 24 players to fill a total of four games!

Preferences also seem to be coming down on the side of having trade scanned disabled. With six votes for and one against, here seem to be the reasons given:


  • Adds more complexity/difficulty


  • The game would move faster without it
  • The game would be more ‘pure warfare’ without it
  • Whoever reaches their team first would have a huge advantage
  • Adds too much complexity/difficulty

On the point of an advantage for reaching their team first, I would argue that this is fine. Both teams have a mirrored situation, and have the same options for planning. I would argue that if a team manages to connect first, and retain that connection, and deny the opponents from connecting, then that team is the better team and deserves that advantage. But that’s just my two cents…

It doesn’t make much sense for trade scanning to be enabled in my opinion, it adds unnecessary complexity in my opinion and won’t benefit the gameplay overall

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Maybe the game would be faster with trade scan, since connecting players and denying the opponents the connection would result in a spiralling advantage, and if both teams manage to connect then it would proceed as normal.

One question: what is the win condition (apart from the enemy team conceding)?