3v3 Team Tower Tournament Edition 2!

one player reaching 50% of stars


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As @Kwhwwymwn said, the win condition is one player reaching 50% of the star count. I chose this value as it ensures that no team can cheese the win by just winning against a single player of the enemy team, they have to fight everyone. And if one person manages to hit 50% of the star count and is the last on their team, I say well done to them.

@BelSon, I’ve been on an extended hiatus but I’m feeling the itch to return… sign me up I suppose.

I got a ping from your original post which is what brought me here… now if only @Karmadrome and @Solfyre would join too, maybe we’d randomly be teammates again!

Sign me up if there’s still space!

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Sign me uo as well

Good to hear from you @panblanco
It would be great to be part of the dream team again…
Unfortunately I spend most of my time playing Solaris these days and just play the odd 1v1 in NP

Well, the 3v3 is basically a 1v1 with more players

Still plenty of space, and time to sign up! Added panblanco, Bewildered_Baker and Nassau.

Is this a sign-up?

Yes, he’s looking to join.

Yes! Sign me up!

I would be interested in signing up as well, although I am not a very experienced player; I’m currently in my third ever game.

You are very welcome to come and play here! All you require is a willingness to talk with your allies, and submit your turns regularly. If you can do those two things, we’d love to have you participate!

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There is less than one week to the end of sign-ups! As a reminder, sign-ups will close early on the first of October (Aussie time), with games created soon after and a one week period to join the games will start. Let’s see if we can get a total of 24 players (7 more players) so we can have eight teams playing in four games! I look forward to this starting!

I might be a bit rusty since a didn’t play in a long time.
But since I’m back, count me in!

I’m willing to join if more players are needed.

Thanks everyone for signing up! We have had a total of 20 players sign up for this event, allowing the creation of six teams and three games! @SimonMiaou and @MLaZz, you will be reserves for this round, so if anyone drops out, you will be invited to take their place in the game.

So without further ado, here are all the players who signed up with their 1v1 rating in brackets:

We have had a clear show of support for disabling trade scanned (9 against vs 3 for). Due to this, I will make this round of games with trade scan disabled. If anyone wants to try out a 3v3 with trade scan enabled, let me know here or by DM and we can play a game to try it out!

And so now, the games you’ve been waiting for! As mentioned in the OP, players will be ordered by 1v1 rating, then grouped into sixes. Teams will be made by grouping players ranked 1, 4 and 6 against players 2, 3 and 5. Please join the game you have been assigned to, and one of the colours your team has been assigned.

Game 1:
@plug + @BelSon + @Satirael (Blue + Red + Yellow)
@Lex + @spymort + @panblanco (Cyan + Green + Orange)

Game 2:
@Kwhwwymwn + @olus2000 + @AStonedApe (Blue + Green + Red)
@limemaster + @Macomber + @Jubblefet (Cyan + Orange + Yellow)

Game 3:
@gaz123 + @Bewildered_Baker + @JochCool (Blue + Red + Orange)
@tenerezu + @Lorentz + @Nassau (Cyan + Yellow + Green)

Password to all games is “TTT2”. Please join your games within a week; if you take longer than seven days from the time of this post, your position will be forfeited and a replacement will be found.

And last of all, good luck and have fun!


And one more thing I forgot to mention: as in last round, formal alliances with your allies is mandatory.