3vs3 team match with 8 AI players

I have a pretty decent 3 man team and would like to invite another talented 3 player team to duel.

North vs South with an AI in between all the human players and 2 the middle between the 2 teams. To make the map fair, I suggest we create 5 galaxies, let one team choose the galaxy to play and other team chooses which side they start on.

Below is a sample galaxy makeup, with the human player positions marked in red.

Here are the settings I was planning on:

Looks good to me @nick.muzzio. You know I’m in when ever we get the players. The only suggestion I have is to maybe have scan 2 instead of scan 1 so a player doesn’t get trapped at the start.

I’d be down to join, although I haven’t played in serveral months so I might be a bit rusty.

@TheLastHero great game to see you back brother! How r u?

Hey Brand, good to see you bro! I’ve been good, just super busy with school the past few months. Home for the summer though so I figured Id stop by here and see what’s goin on

Long time no see, how’ve you been?

Cool idea … I might consider if turn-based and I could find some strong, dependable allies.

BTW, why not cut out that “double-AI” and just alternate Human-AI-Human-AI … and better yet, rather than have the respective teams on each side, intermix them like this:
Team1a - AI - Team2a - AI - Team1b - AI - Team2b - AI - Team1c - AI - Team2c - AI
and then be REALLY diabolical and make it Trade Scan Only! :wink:

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Bob mentioned he would be into it as well.

@TheLastHero do you know one other person who would want to try it?

@HULK I am not a huge fan of the turn based, maybe we could try a smaller 2vs2 turn based sometime?

I would play in this.


So I think we have a 3vs3 now.

Team A


Team B
@BOb (I think this is big bad bob 3??)

Lets do 3 maps and team B can choose the map and Team A will choose which side to start on. Let me know if we are in agreement and I will start creating the games.

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This works for me!!

I’m getting a tooth pulled today so give me a day or two and I’m ready.

That all sounds good Nick. Thx for setting it up.

Made the games,

I will pm you guys the password separately to ensure no wanderers :slight_smile:

Please don’t join any of them till team B chooses the map and Team A chooses the side.

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Team B if you don’t like any of these let me know and I can make more.

I’m not sure what I’m looking at on these.


You guys get to pick what map we play, one team will start in the north and the other in the south like in the picture below. So since team A gets to pick sides, you guys are trying to find the most “even” map. It’s a warhammer way of making things fair sorta :slight_smile:

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Thanks Nick.

Team B, my vote is #2

@BOb? @TheLastHero?

I am not the Bob you are looking for. waves hand and is gone again

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sorry bob! I emailed the bob I know. not even sure if he has a forum login.

Knock - knock … can I come in please.:sunglasses:

Sorry. I was busy for a week. I’m back now. Nick. Did you email BBB directly?