3vs3 team match with 8 AI players

What’s the deal here? Have we picked a game? @nick.muzzio @Brand @PEPSIS @TheLastHero

I emailed BBB directly, still not sure why he hasn’t posted. Anyone hear from @TheLastHero???

I have not heard from last hero.

Hey @PEPSIS , you have a friend who would be active for this game with some skills?? Maybe @TheLastHero and BBB are just too busy to get this started??? I don’t mind waiting for them and I don’t mind substituting for them as long as it’s cool with @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS. I know @xtrafresh and @Brand and myself are ready to go now.

I have someone I can reach out to.

I hit up NUC

Nuc is gonna play, let’s get a game link decided on FFS and get this going!

@Brand @xtrafresh @nick.muzzio @NUC @PEPSIS

Alright you bums lol, I’ve joined #2 and am anxiously awaiting your arrivals…

LOL @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS you were supposed to choose the map and then we chose the side :stuck_out_tongue:

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ok my team agreed to play this map and the weak side. will be there tonight @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS. I will start making ai accounts too and quitting them.

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LOL and just as I said that @Brand joined in the wrong spot! OK well game 2 is a bust already, I will make a new game 2 when I get home form work and we can try this again. Sorry for all the confusion!

Sorry I did this wrong!!! Impatience…

LMAO, no worries guys, will get it cleaned up tonight.

@HOUSEBOAT_THANGS it looks like you were able to quit out of the game 2? Maybe we could still use it if you want? But we will probably choose the top to start in

PS we dont mind picking the map if you would rather pick the side too.

I am pretty confident I would need a throwaway account to rejoin Game 2

Same with @Brand, unless he never left

OK @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS, We will pick Game 1 and let you guys pick the sides. I will start populating with ai accounts now. feel free to join when ready.

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HOLLER, let’s do this @NUC @PEPSIS

If you guys are still looking for players then hit me up!

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