4D Chess {6} [Turn Based, 48H Deadlines, 3 DAY Jumps]


3 places left in a small experimental game. Turns every 2 days, but turns are three day jumps. Universe is non-dark. There’s no ships at the start but home systems start heavy.

The password is in the description.



I joined for the novelty of it. Will be interesting lol


How did you create game with 72 tick turn jumps ?


It’s possible to manually set the game configuration bypassing the normal form you fill in using the web developer console in most browsers (I’m not giving any more details). As long as people don’t do stupid shit I don’t think Jay minds. It’s been going on for years anyway and a few people who know how to do it.

If people start making games with yearly jumps, billions of stars, or other stuff like this then it would cause server problems. So to anyone who does this, don’t be stupid!


I do validate some of the settings, but normally as a range I think, rather than if they match the specific values.

Make sure to let me know if anybody does anything stupid!


The Last Hero got kicked for inactivity after the first turn.

What’s weirder is they committed that turn! It happened mid-turn because the AI took over and started sending fleets. (it is a zero ship start)

Current game state for those interested: https://i.imgur.com/1sKrsZp.png


How did I get kicked but none of you guys? I submitted my turn and nobody had ships. Very weird


What this does mean is that it will be very difficult for those in the south to deal with an AI that gets 18 moves for every 1 that we get…


The event order is a bit scrambled. First page is from 144 (someone conceding), then it jumps to tick 121 down to 87, but second page starts at 141 going to 122.


Yea, the Event Log has always been messed up with it goes multiple pages - Jay knows.
I’ve seen this in a handful of 24-tick jump I’ve played … I can only imagine how crazy it is with 72 tick jumps … plus yea, I hadn’t through about the AI’s who really do have quite an advantage.

Crazy game @AnnanFay - hats off to you for doing something different! :wink:


Here’s to hoping my AI pulls out the victory


Yeah, I’m dead. Lil LSF has my home system in 15 ticks and Douro obliterated my bottom stars.

I made the mistake of getting to top star count by the end of turn 1 - which meant when Douro conceded there was no way to make the AI like me. Even if you pay the AI until it has positive reputation as soon as an AI action happens it will go to -1, then when it battles on your stars it will keep going lower.

Proteus is a bit better in this regard, if the AI takes your stars the reputation will go up - so if you drop from first place the AI will eventually turn friendly.

(current state: https://i.imgur.com/widZXim.png)
EDIT: next state - https://i.imgur.com/8T2kiMy.png


Current state: http://prntscr.com/jf9reh
Current Leaderboard: http://prntscr.com/jf9s2f

All three of us players have made a defensive pact, but that’s not helping much with our survival. I’m managing to keep one weapons level behind the leaders, and slowly catching up + overtaking light blue down south. Unfortunately I’ve only 50% of his ships – but it’s been like that for the last three rounds and there has been no net territory gain/loss between our fronts. The main problem now is that dark blue is becoming a threat on my northern border – I believe that if I can keep him out or at least maintain ground there while I take over light blue, I should be able to win this fight.


Well I’ll update you all even though probably no one is interested, but anyway…

The game is finished, and I managed to pull out the needed stars to win. Here’s a reminder of the game link: https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6401578899865600

Although the AIs thinking every 4 hours and players sending orders every 72 meant that AIs got 18 turns for every 1 that humans got, I (with the help of Caliber) was able to keep 2 AIs, which each had around double my stats, at bay. I eventually managed to get into TheLastHero’s territory, and then with the help of Caliber, eliminated him. AnnanFay was eliminated by Lil LSF, and it was a close race between us two to the finish, with me managing to pull ahead just in time.

GG all and thanks for playing!



A picture for when the game is deleted: