☆☆☆☆☆ 5 Star Completion system suggestion


My main ‘gamer type’ is normally not a completionist, or one of those who needs to unlock all achievements. BUT…

And that’s a big BUT… :wink:

I am near OCD, so if the system exists, I will at least make an attempt at it.

Currently the ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 Star system is based on number of units lost. (This is a bit hard core because to get a perfect map would require either Super LUCK from RNGesus, to make sure not a single unit dies after a combat. orrr the real alternative… Use Hero unit’s special powers and lots of archers, or long distance units exclusively.

Not that fun forcing a certain play style to 5 Star a map, but if that’s what is desired fine.

my main suggestion is at least don’t make an impossible to Five Star map. (Like the first tutorial map.)

Unless there’s a trick to that map, I have no idea how to win this perfect because I’m not allowed a deck for ranged units. :wink:

So here’s the Real, REAL suggestion…

The star level completion of a map should either be more like golf (par) Most people can get 55% on this map, but if you’re really good you might be able to eek out a 75% win. etc.

The better star completion would be to complete the map with certain conditions. Like each star equals a condition. an example:

Star 1 = complete and win the map at least with over XX%.
Star 2 = make sure no more than X cities are lost to the Blight.
Star 3 = Burn X number of graveyard/battlesites
Star 4 = Spend XXX amount of Gold (You could even later flip this and say spend XXX or less amount of gold)
Star 5 = Raise an Army with a population size of XXX (Again, this one can be flipped for more difficult maps.

Something like that. And each star is eligible anytime you play the map. So you can shoot for all 5 at the same time, of tackle one at a time as you want. (Record the user if they’ve ever completed the star system! Give 'em a beefy reward for completing a star, give 'em a free booster pack when they complete all 5! huzzah! a reason to replay for the kids who need rewards and reasons. :wink:

Anyway. just some ideas from your friendly neighborhood idea guy.


It’s funny you should post this today because Penny and I were just talking about it last night.

Right now the stars show exactly what percentage of people were left alive in the map, but because the zombies get a headstart, it’s basically impossible to get 5 stars.

I thought this might cause some frustration for people such as yourself. :smile:

What I think we should do is look at the high score table every few months and use the best score on the table as 5 stars. Then your star rating will be based on how close you are to that score.

So for example, if the best score in the high score table is 75% living souls, 5 stars will be 75% living souls, and 2.5 stars will be 37.5%. You’ll get half a star for every 7.5% I guess,


That’s certainly better, but does 5 star really need to be the absolute best anyone’s done? Then only a VERY small handful will ever get it. If that’s the desired consequence, then that’s fine, it just means I will never even try to improve my completion on any map because I know five stars is out of my reach, I’m not the best at this game and never will be.


We don’t have to do “absolute best ever”, we can just pick a good number. Then remember if you get within 5% of it you will get the 5 stars!

You can do it @Squatched!


Alright, that makes sense. I misinterpreted that to be that 5 stars was only at 75%, but if it’s a range and 75%is the top of the range, then that’s certainly achievable!