50k Jester attacking and nerf suggestion


Fyrenn has come up with a goblin strategy that beats my elder mage strategy in awesomeness. Thought you’d appreciate this huge battle about to take place between 10k goblin army and a 50k Jester.

Best suggestion from Fyrenn is after the Jester king hits certain thresholds (maybe every 5,000) it duplicates itself. Then it becomes an escalating problem. Could half the strength when it duplicates itself but I don’t think that’s necessary.

Another option (I’d recommend the above though) so that horn of despair doesn’t effect spider riders. Doesn’t really stop the strategy but slows it down a lot. Could be in addition to the above


Gross. So I take it the idea is some kind of Dealer/Horn/LilWiz combo for insane piles of money & damage? Props to Fyrenn for finding this one!


Basically yeah, it’s basically

Settlement one (these don’t get bounced back into deck ever):
Dealer, Rogue Lords

Settlement two (constantly getting bounced by horn of despair):
Mad pirates, tinkerer, bounty hunters (any rogues that are low cost) and one horn of despair

Settlement two continuously gets put back into the deck and as long as you have at least 3 (preferably 6-10) rogue lords you’ll eclipse a Jester. Use mad pirates because they’re cheap and in the beginning if you run out of money before you get all your dealers out you can kill some population for more money.

It’s a killer strategy, much better then my elf one :slight_smile:


Oh wow, hadn’t considered the Rogue Lord stacking. That’s bonkers.


Yeah Rogue Lord is the huge awesomeness for this strategy