6 New single player adventures available!


We’ve been working to fill out the single player campaign with new maps. There will be new maps going up all the time.

This week we have:

2 Human Maps - Faceoff and Longroad
1 Orcish Map - River Styx
3 Dwarven Maps - Siege of Twin Peaks, Serpent Rivers, Talon Isles

Try them out and let us know how you go and if you find any bugs! Thanks!


In my opinion, Talon Isles is a big no-go. It’s impossible to win (at least on hard) because it takes too long to accumulate the gold needed to buy all the mounted griffons, and meanwhile once the ground troops on zombie-held islands start accumulating with no reachable targets, they squat on their graveyards and can’t be dislocated/burned with cheaper griffon units.

It may not be winnable on Normal either, since corrupted griffons are going to get established on at least two islands before you have a chance to stop them, and you just can’t bring enough troops to keep at least that first island from being surrendered.


I won it on Normal, but haven’t tried it on Hard yet. You need to focus on stamping out the Blighted Gryphon nests to start with.

It was a grind at the end to get enough gold for all the Gryphon riders and I only had undead Dwarves stacked up on one island. You could try taking gold miners?

I’ll take a look at the map on the harder difficulty settings.


I was playing a normal game–maybe it’s the first two days that matter: if you don’t hit the nests quickly enough, the whole game is a lost cause. I did bulk up on miners of both types, but it was still a slow grind to get each Gryphon Rider.

I’ll try another normal game and see what I can do.


Talon Isles on normal was ok, but nightmare…
Nearly everything has been zombified by gryphons and you have about 8k of them zooming in on you.
managed to clear 1 nest and get an elf and dwarf settlement but you don’t have the resources to build up a defence before they get you
Even managed to wipe out 4 gryphons with an artillery shell but that was a speed bump in thier advance


I didn’t realize how much time a single player map could take, so I’ll try do 1 single player map over a few days.

I’ve done some old maps, Ironwood River from Humans/Origin of the Blight campaign and Wolfstead Way from Elves/Origin of the Blight campaign. I’m doing Normal mode + Essential cards only so no bringing in any other cards and it was extremely fun.

Hope to do some newer maps soon with Normal mode + Essentials only and give some feedback, but so far Single Player has been great and a nice challenge.