64 matches are back! just one teeny concern

Praise be to Jay for restoring the beloved 64 matches (which ill be contributing to ensuring stay active by administering frequent doses of “entertainment”

Just one gripe i already foresee becoming common. And thats that the 32 match victories awarded the same badge as 64s, so we’re going to see some dramas about rewards not properly reflecting a players skill and achievements

Im hoping maybe there could be a lesser badge created for the 32 match wins, and then applied so everyones rewards reflect their achievements. I have a 32 win badge mixed in with my 6 64s and its annoying.

But thats a very minor concern. Absolutely thrilled that 64s are back!!!


Like the 64 match conqueror badges could be red, and the 32s remain gray. Like how tournament badges are gray trophies and proteus is a red trophy. Worth the distinction as 64 match wins are a bloody big effort that spans months :slight_smile:


I totally agree! 64 wins are far more difficult to get as the 32s, I like your suggestion!

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I propose Gold badges. :smiley:


Totally agree

I just played and won my first 64 (without previous victories at 32), so I won’t disagree with this, LOL. But thank you for adding/bringing back 64s, that was a absolute blast- and incidentally prompted me to pay for premium. It’s really interesting how the main effort in the game shifts from tactics to diplomacy-as-strategy as the game progresses through the first few weeks.

I just discovered this game in March and I’m really enjoying it. Great work on the part of the admin/development team.


Could we get a screenshot? I struggle to believe you secured decent allies; not being a premium member and having very low stats

Our first interaction outside of a game, and you’re challenging my integrity right off the bat? Neat.

I’m not sure if a link to the game lets you look (I think it does?), but it’s still ‘up’ on the final leader board page, so fill your boots if it works. https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/4695846076284928

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Ignore him mate … he’s just trolling to get a rise out of you. Congrats on the win and welcome to the community!


Well done Gluteus!

Slicertos was also in that game so not sure why he’s calling you out, you can see via your link… although he wasnt there for very long tbh.

Oh hey, you’re right.

You were one of the unlucky buggers stuck in the middle, weren’t you?

Yeah I was, i was bored in that game and expansion options were limited so I ceded to Dark Lord and said goodbye.

He’s a good dude, we’ve played a half dozen games together so far as allies. He and I had a clean race for the win on this one. I’d work with him again for sure.

NICE! Congrats GluteusMaximusII!!

Nah i missed that youve been playing since March. Well done. Hero is coping with some fresh butthurt is all

Soft cocks unite lmao. Did you and roger lose sleep over me :frowning:

I ceded to Sun and Buzzkill. Its only okay when you do it right!

Yas could just cuddle eachother, spare the rest of us

Yeah, we double teamed both Sun and Buzz in turnas we pushed our way down. Buzz caved fast, Sun stuck it out for a good while. The northeastern alliance tore itself apart with infighting, and southeast never really properly came together. Only the southwest really had a chance, but we had six members and simply overpowered them. Straightforward slugging match. We got lucky and assembled a trustworthy crew early. None of us were brilliant, but each of us was good enough, and then I won the race.

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I saw the whole thing. Congrats @GluteusMaximusII