64 player game with daily diary

Hello all!

There is a 64 player game starting up right now. And while it may not seem special at all - it is the default 64p game - there is something so far unique about this game. Two players, not one, but two will be making daily diaries as they play this game, and possibly others. @Graymason and I will be creating a daily diary. So if you have ever wanted to rise to internet fame, this is the game to join! If you have ever wanted to make a daily diary for Neptune’s Pride, this is the game to do it! The more the merrier!

Interested? Good! Then here’s the game link for you all to join: Neptune's Pride: Game 5802438588891136. Hurry, because there are only 16 spots left!

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Looking forward to it!

Twist my eyestalk, why don’t ya? Ok, I’ll play. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well the game is all finished! Congratulations to @Graymason for winning and @Solfyre for coming second. For everyone else, if you want to come top in the next 64p game advertised here, make sure to reply in the thread. The order of your reply will determine your position in-game. :stuck_out_tongue:

So with the game all finished, here are the links to the first videos in each of the series of the players who recorded games:
@Graymason: Neptunes Pride - Ultra 64 - Graymason - Sigma Rotanev - Early Game - YouTube
@The Jewish Star Empire: Neptunes Pride - Sigma Rotanev: First Week as the Jewish Star Empire - YouTube
@BelSon (me): Sigma Rotanev | Neptune's Pride Epic 64p Galaxy | feat. Graymason and General Yoav the 53rd - YouTube

Interesting. The TWO people that responded to this thread got the top 2 spots. Coincidence? Dun dun dunnnnnn