64 Player Game with less tech trades

I was thinking about what the 64 player games would be like if there was a lot less trading. I lot more fighting for yourself!

Anybody interested?


Sounds fun. Does the AI prioritize trading tech or investing in upgrades?

Let’s do it! Post link!

Actually, I’m going to check in some code so that the main 64 player game will have some randomized settings every time.

Probably a mistake, but I hope it will be fun when every game is different.


It’s a neat idea! Be fun to have some more variability in the 64 player games.

This is a great idea…is map type one of the random parts?

config["starfield"] = random.choice(["xjhdexters-quad_flower", "mega_circle", "mega_grid", "hexgrid", "circular"])
config["startingTechScanning"] = random.choice([3,4,5])
config["startingTechHyperspace"] = random.choice([1,2,3])
config["startingStars"] = random.choice([3,4,4,5,6])
config["naturalResources"] = random.choice([1,1,2,2,3])
config["darkGalaxy"] = random.choice([1,2,2,2,2])
config["tradeCost"] = random.choice([15,50,100])
config["randomGates"] = random.choice([0,0,1,1,2])

Love it!

Ah, this is why the 64p game I joined has these weird settings. :slight_smile:

This sounds like a fun idea. Will make it harder for people to figure out if you are in an alliance or not.

I’ve joined this first game! Wow, this will be a new 64 player experience, so close to my neighbours.


@JayKyburz I think that doing special settings for every other game would be awesome. Then you can just wait if you want to play a normal one

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Octal annulus galaxy surprisingly uniform. Although, it reduced the degrees of freedom to mostly just clockwise-counterclockwise.

I like these new randomized settings; I hope they are here to last!

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Just joined the one with hyperspace 4: This looks sadistic the sparsity of stars!

I have no idea how this is going to play out, it seems like our neighbors and I will have to immediately start conflict.

@JayKyburz, under extremely hostile conditions like the latest 64p having the hexgrid, plentiful nat res and stars per player small, it would be best if we started with weapons lvl 2-3 so that we could engage with lethal combat sooner. The sparsity of stars & resources and the lack of weapons makes it so we will be stuck about a week growing just to be able to attack someone (I am going to attack someone anyways but with a lack of ships and low lvl weapons every direction is kinda a stagnant fronteir).

I will report back after a week and let you know.

EDIT: All the tournament games start with lvl 4 weapons (no researching it though). That might be extreme for a public game, but that is to allow us to have early cycle conflicts.

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I’d like to second this idea. Having the traditional 64p settings be used every second or third game would be a good idea imo. That way folks who don’t want to play with these experimental settings can choose not to.

I’m loving the experimental settings so far personally, but I think I’d still enjoy playing a classic setting 64p game sometimes.

Could we please change the tradeCost to:
config["tradeCost"] = random.choice([15,25,30,50])

This $50/trade is brutal

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To be honest, I’d love to see how $100 trades go in a 64p game. It would be brutal, but who knows, it may be fun. If any experimental settings wind up being unfun Jay can always remove them.

Definitely should be random.choice([15,25,30,50,100]) though, imo.

The difference between 25 and 30 is negligible? But with 5 options you have a 20% chance of getting normal trade costs. It is 33% now. random.choice([15,25,50,100]) seems reasonable to me.

I would indeed argue for a chance at higher starting weapons for quick action.
starting weapons = random.choice([1,2,3]) or random.choice([1,3]) ?

Also loving the new map indeed!


We could do something like `random.choice([15,15,15,25,50,100[). This would give a 50% chance of getting the standard $15 tech trading cost, but allow the possibility of higher costs. After 1 or 2 $100 tech trading games we could re-assess and if necessary decide to scrap the idea.

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Since we’re experimenting with new ideas in giant games, I’d like to propose a 1 time 128 player game (if technologically possible). I think we have a large enough community that it’d fill within a week; I know lots of folks including myself who would jump at the chance to try this mega game. Maybe offer a special badge, or 2 badges, for the winner. It might be chaos, but I think it’d be quite fun.