64 Player Games Server Performance

I was just checking out what impact the 64 player games have had on the server. There is nothing super interesting here but I thought you might be interested.

All the charts are the last 30 days.

The spike in errors may have more to do with me pushing out several releases around about that time rather than the larger games.


Thanks Jay, I’ve also done some analysis on the 64p games


This gave me a great laugh that I definitely needed.


Definitely top marks @Ramjet


What we really need is two distinctive concession badges. 1 for the 8-32 player games and 1 for the 64 player games. I just dont think it’s fair that when I concede early in a 64 player game it makes me look as lame as all the average guys conceding in normal games…



Just taking down the names of everyone that liked that


All good chaps with an excellent sense of humor…

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Of course I had a great laugh lol… bastards


Anyone else getting a laggy feeling to NP sometimes? I’m not on NP as much anymore because of some personal problems I have to deal with, but once in a while when I move the map, I get a very laggy feel to it.

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Lmao I just found it hilarious considering that maybe a game that only changes every hour is lagging. But with the map moving a little yeah. Im not sure it warrants concern though

I was seeing some lag issues prior to the 64 games re-starting. for instance I would buy before production and leave the game. only to come back after production to find that everything I purchased didn’t happen. I missed several production in several games because of it. I now purchase, stick around for a bit, leave and come back before logging off. have not noticed anything different than usual with the 64 games.

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I’ve noticed that happening quite a bit too. Can be very frustrating. But definitely an issue that existed before the 64s.

It’s a useful bug. If you build by accident.- especially from the galaxy screen - 9/10 you can cancel it by refreshing the page :slight_smile:

Sometimes I’ll mass build just to see how much it would make, then refresh instantly to cancel it. It’s helpful but risky lol