64 Player Map Design


The only other setting I am thinking of changing for this game is to have production set at less that 24 hours as this gives more frequent bank payouts, so more cash and more frequent experimentation gains.


I agree - the 28 hour production is far too long. 20-22 would be much better while still being fair.


Yeah, I’m going to do a few things to the 64 player games on monday.

I want to reduce the size of the map even more and make the game 16 stars per player rather than 24. The more small games I am playing the more convinced I am that the game is just more fun when every star counts.

I’ll change the production time to 20 hours instead of 28. The few games I’m in with longer production cycles just don’t have the “momentum” of other games. It’s hard to describe the feeling, and two games in not much to test on, but thats just what my gut says right now. @MattS seems to agree :wink:


@eDave: If you are going to do a production time different than 24, I’d suggest a multiple of the Tick Jumps … because otherwise, it’s a bit weird IMHO to get production in the middle of a turn when you can’t do anything.

I.e. for 6 hours Tick Jumps, I’d do 18 hours if you decide to do less than 24.

Note this does NOT apply in real-time based game which (presumably) Jay is talking about.
I do agree with Jay that LESS stars are better … plus then it isn’t as much of a mega-slog at the end.


Another positive of less stars per game is the increased importance of Terra tech - which plays into the whole “too much cash” issue we’ve discussed.

Less stars…more expensive upgrades over time…Terra becomes more important


@HULK and I have created a 16 player, turn based version of this game



This map is making me and my ally boxed in. We are both in the same small square, and I only have one way out and so does he.


Research scan…


and range. soo much range.


I am in a 64 game with the new map. Access across the map is much improved, well done. I have teamed with a fellow, and we both had the benefit of multiple AI to feast on. Especially my partner. He is about to win at tick 26. I wonder if the victory condition is set too low? Hardly enough time for a proper backstab!


It’s impossible to win at tick 26… Do you mean day 26?


Oh, sorry, cycle 26


Not a huge fan of the new layout. It’s just now exciting enough. I think it’s the fact that everyone’s so isolated. You need more neighbors to have a fun game. Also, the people who are in the same sector are way too close. There’s almost no stars. In one game I only got 7 stars for myself and couldn’t reach the rest. I got frustrated and quit.


To expand on the flaws I listed earlier, all 4 sectors are originally isolated, and as a result, they develop wildly different levels of tech and development. This in turn makes some sectors obviously dominant over others, which is no fun to play.
I think the sectors should be moved closer together, so maybe you just have 16 small sectors that are equally spaced.


yeah, I decided i dont like the desing and were going to try the one in this thread ofter the last grid map starts.


I can’t access the game - has is started already?


You should join the Experimental 64 Player Ultra Game. Jay has switched to using the “xjhdexters-quad_flower” map since 2014 OCT.

New games are starting up all the time.


Are we still having fun on this map type? Time for a change yet?


Please check out some of the 64 player maps created in my mapeditor.

If you want to make your own designs, please register and have it a go at http://np2stats.dysp.info/ .


This map editor is cool. !