64 Player Ultra Games


I am playing a 64 Player Ultra Games (Epsilon Ankaa) and was enjoying the experience.

It is currently on Galactic Cycle 19 - Tick 457, and I noticed there is already an ‘informal’ alliance of players who have more than 256 worlds combined.

As such, the game is currently feeling “draggy” for the rest of the players as it looks like it will just be a race (or fight due to backstabbing) among those players in that alliance.

I was wondering if instead of one player needing to reach the maximum, would it be better if the game would end if a formal alliance of players reached that amount of worlds.


This boils down to the game preference of whether formal alliances are on or off doesn’t it? I’ve not played a 64-player game yet but if I did it would be with a pinch of salt, and if formal alliances are off it means anything goes!

Maybe you should try and rally all the none-allied players into an opposition alliance… or create some disarray in the existing alliance >:-) This is what makes the game fun! People can be swayed!


Ditto what Myk said.

In the very first 64-user game, there was a block of 8+ players that all knew each other in RL - they were steamrolling everyone until (after a TON of diplomacy), a rag-tag resistance was organized that defeated them in the end.