64-User TURN Game?


How about a 64-user turn-based game?
I’d recommend the following options for Jay to create - chime in if you think something should be changed.

Stars for Victory: 33% (so it doesn’t take forever to end)
Players: 64
Player Type: Premium Only (reduce AFK’ers)
Formal Alliances: ENABLED (really needed for 64 players!)
Random Gates: Common
Dark Galaxy: Enabled (this would be wild!)
Galaxy Type: Circular
Starting Distance: Close
Resources: Plentiful (move the game along)
Starting Cash: $1,500 (ditto above)
Starting Tech - Scanning: Level 2
Starting Tech - HyperSpace: Level 2
Research Costs - Scanning: Cheap (offset for the Dark Galaxy)
Research Costs - Weapons: Expensive (slow down the arms race)
Game Time: Turn Based
Turn Jumps: 6 Tick Jumps
Max Turn Wait: 12 hours

P.S. If there was a “Very Expensive” option (288) for Research costs, I would set that for Weapons and put Manu at Expensive … that helps keeps the other tech potentially interesting after the mid-game.

Players wanted: Roleplay intensive game
First 32-user game fired up

I almost think you need 8 hr wait, as otherwise you can pretty much guarantee only 2 turns a day. I’ve played an 8 and 16 player turn game, and it generally starts at 12 hrs per turn for the first several Cycles.

Most players can probably check in once per 8 hours. If you are at work and can’t check in, or sleep a full 8 hrs, then you simply have to plan ahead on your turns. Just don’t miss submitting your several times in a row. If a player knows they can’t commit to those terms, they shouldn’t join. You are using premium to attempt to get committed players anyway.

Start Scanning at 3 or there is no reason to have Range start at 2.


This is just a personal preference of mine, but I don’t think there should be random warpgates, at least not common. I could see how they’d make the game more interesting and take less time, but I think random warpgate should be more of ‘an act of God’ or a miracle.

Something I would also like to see again is a random hex 64-user game. It does give some more of an advantage than what players are getting in the current 64-user games, but it adds a certain wonder as to where you’re going to be located while you’re waiting for the game to start. Also more strategy would be needed to adapt to the change in terrain.


Im playing in a game with rare gates right now and its kind of cool. I have a few that require tec 3 or 4 to get to, the other require 8 or 9. buying gate to fill the gap will be an interesting decision.


Would love to see an 64 player turn based game. I think we need at least the 12 hour wait unless the afk rule is changed from 3 missed turns to 3 days or something (like in real time games). It is way too easy to get 3 misses with 8 or 6 hour wait. 6 hour jumps with 6 hour wait equals to going afk in 18 hours on real time games…


Ditto what Dysp said … this game will take a while … and would suck if someone is doing well, and then RL prevents 'em from logging in for 18 hours so they drop … so I’d recommend the 12 hour wait as a reasonable compromise to keep it moving along … but allow “normal” sleep, etc.

BTW, while Dysp was a great ally in the first 64-user real-time game, he just totally kicked my a** in this game:
so I’d love to see him (and his cohorts) join this game - strong/fun players.

Also, highly recommend NO EXTRA ANONYMITY … actually would be cool if there was an option that FORCED you to use your real name … Hint, Hint Jay! :wink:


Rather than set the game up for you I decided to allow user created games of up to 32 players. That way you can set up a big one yourself.

I also added new starting cash options and very expensive and crazy expensive tech options.

First 32-user game started: 6/12 turn for Premium Players

Excellent - fired up a 32-user game here

Tweaked a few of the parameters - the middle is REALLY sparse if less than 24 stars/players … even with distances set to close. I accidentally set Warp Gates to Common … so sorry about that Beartime (nice to hear from 'ya BTW). I also cranked the tech setting so some of the lesser tech are potentially more interesting … but cranked up the cash so the game can move along …

If the game parameters really suck, let me know - otherwise, sign up and lets play!