A budding romance in NP ... ;-)


So in the team game, Myk and I have been locked in mortal combat …
but been having some fun on the Diplomatic front.

But our discussions have taken a Shakespearen turn as a budding romance develops … :wink:

Subject: Help me Dr Banner, you’re my only hope…
From: Myk

Dr Banner, some time ago you were on friendly terms with my father, Overlord Myk, in the Sir Robin/Hulk Wars. Now he begs you to help him in his struggle against the rebel Sir Robin. I regret that I am unable to present my father’s request to you in person, but my ship has fallen under attack and I’m afraid my mission to regain control of Okul has failed. I have placed information vital to the survival of the Rightful empire into the memory systems of this R2 unit. My father will know how to retrieve it. You must see this droid safely delivered to him on Mega Vindemiatrix. This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Dr Banner, you’re my only hope,

Princess MykessMon

From: HULK

Dearest Princess Mykess,

This is an awkward time to meet again, but I remember you from the Galactic University where you were in the Alpha Beta Gamma sorority and were the head cheerleader.

As you can imagine, I spent most of my time in the Physics Lab, but we spent some time together when I was the TA for Physics 101. I also remember when your father when he came to visit the campus as I was asked to give him a demonstration of our Gamma Ray laboratory.

I don’t mean to ask a personal questions, but are you seeing anyone currently during this time of great galactic conflict?

Oh yeah … so back to the R2 unit.

Mega Vindemiatrix is quite the distance from my current position, but as luck would have it, the Millennium Falcon just got back from the Kessel Run and I can see if it is available.

Can you recommend the safest route for me to take to Mega Vindemiatrix … and if you can send the Death Star BluePrints (ooops, wrong universe) … scan of the Rebel Sir Robins ships, I can try to plot a course to come to your rescue.

Yours in thought,
Dr. Bruce Banner

From: Hulk

Dearest Mykess (may I drop the Princess title?),

I meant to ask if you knew anything about Ambassador Engeldink Humperbert. He had represented your father on the initial peace mission to Okul … and then all hell broke loose due to Sir Robin’s treachery.

Mighty Myk has asked about his well-being, but we have not seen him. However, we did pickup up an automated beacon transmitting on the emergency galactic guard frequency shortly after he disappeared - the message was: “Luke’s sister - contact AEH ASAP w/codeword” The AEH makes us think it might be related to him, but the message does not make sense to us - does it to you?

I’m anxious to come to your rescue and await information that will help me do that.


P.S. I did meet Ambassador Engeldink Humperbert after his crash landing on Okul … and with all respect, he’s not quite the person I thought your father would send as his representative

From: Myk

Oh Bruce,

It’ so good to hear from you, and I do remember you as it happens, how could a girl forget those biceps giggle I was dating Emperor QWERTY of the Commoner alliance (Editor’s Note: This is the team on the other side of ours - is she setting us up to fight each other for her affection?!?) for some time, but gosh it was so many light years away and those long distance relationships can be tricky, you know? At the moment I am single, and would be delighted to see you again, although I’m somewhat preoccupied trying to regain control of my father’s crumbling empire. He was a good man, but over the last few years his decisions have been… questionable (as you noticed yourself with the dreadfully appointed Mr Humperbert). Robin is making a claim for the throne, and sending his forces (which now include the dreaded Knights of Ni) against our home stars.

Perhaps you could return the R2 unit via your ally, Captain America? I hear he’s friendly with our ally, Ross? This would avoid it falling into the hands of that bastard (pardon my Vindemiatrixian), Sir Robin.

As for the beacon you found, I believe it will allow you to enter a GSCII based keycode in order to decrypt the full message. Try “PinkMamba**^^4076” (don’t ask).

Information of Robin’s troops movements are limited at the moment. There’s a lot of activity all over the galaxy since this debacle began.

Yours eagerly,

NP Diplomacy Example ... ;-)
NP2 Dueling Tournament - Round 1

See make love not war :slight_smile:


From: HULK

Dearest Mykess,

It was with great joy I saw your latest communication - a pleasure to hear from you and I yearn for the day that we can meet in person.

I remember QWERTY from the Galactic University - he was the quarterback and captain of the football team - needless to say, he didn’t seem to care much for us physics majors and was quite the bully. I’m surprised you would cavort with such a person, but I do remember you are a fan of bulging biceps.

Per your suggestion, I will send the R2 unit back via Captain America. This is a long, perilous route, but I will ensure it guarded by many of my Space Marines.

After applying the “PinkMamba” keycode, I was taken aback when the message decrypted with the following image:

Do you have any idea what Ambassador Engeldink Humperbert might mean by transmitting this?

Yours even more eagerly,


From: HULK

Dearest Mykess,

I bring you and your father great news.

With help from my Big Green Buddies, we have taken Okul from Sir Robin’s rebel forces. It was a hard fought battle but our forces prevailed and there was rejoicing throughout the galaxy.
Our intelligence officers are bit confused - they seem to be detecting a retreat by Sir Robin - we are concerned he may be headed toward your father’s core system of Mega Vindemiatrix and his safety may be threatened.

Can you access the Scan Data and plot us a best course to come to his aid?

My Space Marines are all anxious to go Whipped Cream, but I’m concerned they may get “distracted” once they arrive … although if you are there, I would certainly plot a direct course as you would look wonderful in … uhhhhh … Whipped Cream.

Thinking of you constantly,

From: Myk

Oh Brucey,

That was simply magnificent, I put a deception plan into place using our spy on Okul. We had him convince Sir Robin that he could trick you in to attacking Okul by removing a large chunk of the fleet from scanning detection, then flying them back in time via the warp gate when we saw an impending attack. The poor fool didn’t realise that you could also make use of the warp gate! He must have been so annoyed… so bloody annoyed that he didn’t know warp gates work that way, damn it… but yes, I knew that you’d ‘carpe diem’ my Bruce. I hear Robin was killed by an explosion mid battle; and no more than he desrves, the swine.

Don’t worry about the R2 unit, that’s kind of superfluous now that the worst has blown over.

I’ll be waiting for you on Whipped cream, in whipped cream, for one night only :wink:

Come and get me big boy!

From: HULK


Your deception plan was brilliant and your compliment makes me swell with pride … along with the anticipation of a night with you at [[Whipped Cream]] … which I eagerly await.

More good news - your father is back in power … but I think he overestimates his control as I’m pretty sure the Northern territories are still aligned with the Rebels … and (terrible news) Sir Robin is alive and somehow managed to hijack a Battle Cruiser - [[SirRobinFlagship]] - and will shortly arrive at [[Atik]] … so the scoundrel is alive and well … and our night of bliss at [[Whipped Cream]] may need to wait … but hopefully not long.

Your father informs me that you may possibly be onboard one of our ships - if so, please let me know which one and I will direct all forces to insure your safety … and have our fastest cruiser whisk me directly to your side.

I blush when you call me Brucey   :wink:


This is now 50 Shades of Hulk Green.


From: HULK

My Dearest Princess Mykess,

I am sorry I have not been able to communicate, but the angry side of the brutish HULK has emerged and he has locked me in the laboratory - more on that in a moment.

I just recently was able to look at a Galactic Scan and am appalled at what has happened since we last talked. The plan all along was to defeat Sir Robin and his Rebels - then turns your stars back over to your father and continue our peaceful co-existence.

Instead, the Big Green Monster has almost completely demolished all of your stars and if the rumors are true, has imprisoned Mighty Myk. I fear that the Gamma Irradiation experiment must have gone awry and affected his mind - his actions are madness!!!

I first became aware something was up several cycles ago … and despite being under increasingly close scrutiny, I had my scientist’s research worthless tech. We did Weapons five out of the last six cycles … but since Captain America was doing weapons, this did not help the HULK. Unfortunately, it only increased his rage (he SMASHED countless test tubes on his last lab visit) … and I fear he now realizes that I’ve been sabotaging his evil war efforts.

I’ve been told we are re-locating the main laboratory … but there are rumors floating around that the HULK plans to put me and my fellow Scientists into combat against the Evil Ender’s empire and use as a cannon fodder.

Even worse, I’ve heard that he has pictures and video from that special evening we were together on [[Whipped Cream]], and when I mention your name, he goes into a jealous rage. I urge you to flee as far away as possible and don’t allow the HULK near you as he may have brutish plans for you … and he is BIG and is GREEN!

I fear for the worst my dearest Mykess and only the memories of our blissful time together on [[Whipped Cream]] allows me to retain my sanity.